Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Sweet Riley

This is Riley, my USOS brother's baby.
She is one of the sweetest, best behaved babies ever. She has been in the hospital for about 4 weeks now. I'm not going to go into that much.
She's so fun. The second she see's the focus light on her face from a camera she automatically smiles. It's fun to do it over and over again.

Me and my mom go down and visit her in the hospital. I love it. She knows me now. I like to put my cheek on her cheek and whisper or hum into her ear. She loves it. Every time I hold her now she puts her little cheek on mine waiting for me to tell her how beautiful she is.
I have fallen in love with this sweet sweet baby. Prayers would be appreciated for her health and life situation.

Bryce Graduated

Bryce graduated this year. YAY!!!!

His family and I all went to commencement.

My thoughts on Commencement- NIGHTMARE!
My thoughts on Bryce- WONDERFULLY BRILLIANT!


This summer Donut has decided to bring me bunnies. 6 to be exact.

So far, anyways.
All but one have been itty bitty little cotton tails.

I mean tiny. This one in my hand is probably the biggest one that Donut brought me. Stinky kitty.

New hair

I cut and colored my hair recently. Here are the results.

My coworker, Janeen, did it and I love it.

Monday, June 15, 2009


So, I'm looking at a friends blog, my husband looking over my shoulder, with picture of the most recent wedding. My husband says, "that looks just like you". I say, "no way, she's way hotter". So, my husband shows my mom and she agreed that she looked just like me. I still don't think so, so I thought I'd put it to the public vote.

What do you think?

Ddoes she look like me?
A lot, A little or not at all?