Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Pictures

We (Margaret) took some family photos on Thanksgiving. If you check any of my siblings blogs then you've probably already seen these. If not, then here is just 3. There were probably at least 100 more taken but I don't have them. Everyone was there except my brother Jacob and his family, which consists of 6 and my other brother Russell/USOS and his family of 4-5.

This is just the chicas. All the girls were there so we got a picture of my mom withh all of us.From left to right and top to bottom.
Me(Callie Christiansen), Rebecca, Jannalee, Joy, Wendy, My mom, Cassie and Sherry. For those of you who wonder what my twin sister looks like she's on the bottom left, Cassie. You can't see the 4 inch hieght difference with her laying down at least.
My mom and all but 2 of her kids and our spouses. Again from left to right and top to bottom. Brandon, Cassie. Sherry, Dan, Jannalee. Wendell, Greg, Rebecca, Joy, Dave, Mom, Kim, Wendy, Margaret. Clark, Brianne, Me(callie) and Bryce. Cassie and Brandon are together. Jan and Dan are together. Wendell andd Sherry are together. Joy and Dave are together. Kim and Wendy are together. Clark and Margaret are together. Spencer and Brianne are together and Bryce and I are together. Oh, and my mom is looking for a good man so If you know someone send me an email. Missing are Jacob, Melissa, Russ and Tiff.

And this is all of us minus 11. 50 in the picture and 60 total.
No, I am not really bad at math. I didn't count my mom's mom in the 60 but she is in the picture. 59 human lives due to one woman and that's just so far. Suprisingly we all still love eachother. Most of the time anyways. 9 out of my moms 11 children live right here is Arizona.
I've decided that I want 2 possibly 3 kids. 3 is pushing it. Or maybe just a family of animals and babysitting all my nieces and nephews. Hmmm... We'll see.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And We Have a Winner!!!

And the winner is....................................................................................................................................................................................................Margeret (Little Red) with the guess of $0.50.
That's right, I got my super cute laptop skin for $0.50. Margaret go ahead and pick a color, any color you want and decide if you want just the free bracelet or a whole set for $20.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Burn update.

Okay so the conversation I have been having lately is as follows:
Other- " oh what Happend to your arm?
me: "I burned it."
Other: "ow, with a curling iron?"
me: "no, a clothing iron"
other: "oh can I see it?"
me: " uhhh... no. Sorry"
Therefor I have decided to share some pictures. As I've said before, if it's already happend and you can't change anything then you might as well document it. If you don't have a healthy curiosity of wounds then do not scroll down. I repeat, stop now.

This is the numb, thick, white part that I had to get off my burn or they'd cut it out. As you can see, I got it off.

This is my burn after I got it off. Up close as of 4 days ago.

I put a super strong sulfaric acid cream on it every morning and every night. It burns that new white skin off. I get to do it for about 6 months or more.
The purpose of that is so the burn can heal. Sounds like an oxy moron right? Burns radiate heat and produce water. If you let it scab over or heal improperly the water causes pockets and it can get infected in the pockets underneath and then the infection can spread. Therefore the nice dressing and skin eating cream. And yes I can feel the burn.

This is my burn as of this morning. The bruise is from pulling a band aide off. All the skin around the burn is very super snsitive. So even a band aide can cause bruising.

Up close. But as you can see, once that compacted dead suff in the middle came off, it doesn't seem so deep.

See the pretty edge around my burn. It's pretty huh? I just have to wait for the rest of it to look like that.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Keep guessing.

Know that I am a master of good deals and a very savy shopper.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Totally me and awesome!

So, me and my mom were at Office Max the other day when I saw this lap top skin. I was totally drawn to it and just hhaaddd to have it.

guess how much it cost.....

Go ahead, guess. Whoever gets it right gets a free bracelet or complete set of jewelry including, Necklace, bracelet and earings for $20 of your color of choice. Have at it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Embarrased by burn

I madea trip to the Maricopa Medical Center: Burn ED, today. I wasn't going to go or see any doctor for that matter but my sister, who's daughter experienced a similar burn years ago, suggested I go. Here is why I made the trip. I burned myself on the clothing iron. I was trying to force a particularly stubburn bottom hem on a black sweater to quit flipping up. I rarely iron.
Because it was stubborn my iron was on the hottest setting plus steam. I went to lift the sweater and my arm slid along the edge of the iron all the way up. Apparently when the iron is that hot it generally takes a second or less for it to burn past the layer of skin that feels pain.

It didn't hurt or bother me so I wasn't worried about it. For those of you reading this, that is not the way it works with burns. When it doesn't hurt, you're supposed to worry.
Yes, I am thoroughly embarrased about the whole thing. Especially after comments like, "yes, but how do you burn yourself on an iron. I mean when I am ironing I am very careful", or, " A 2 year old getting burned by an iron I understand but how did 'you' burn yourself?". Yes, I know people. I've already said the same thing to myself I do not need to hear it again.
So, I was putting neosporin and a band aide on during the day and leaving it open to air at night. The center of my burn has a thick rubbery skin. It's the numb part. Well, that part has to go. If it doesn't, it gets infected underneath and can spread and be really really awful. When I went to the burn unit they wanted to 'cut' it out. Now, "normally they give patients nice pain meds but because I am allergic to pain meds I'd just have to deal with it." and, "They can't do a local anesthetic around burns because it can make the burn worse.". I did not like this idea. Fortunately, neither did the head nurse of the burn unit and she stopped the doctor. They decided to give me a new high dose sulfer cream to be applied twice daily to help remove the 'dead stuff', they call this debreeding. They are giving me and the cream, a week to get it off. Other wise they get to do it. They also kept saying that it looked very typical of an iron burn and that it was small. Ha, small, ha ha ha, lucky me. See I can still find the humor.
So, this is my new dressing. When you see me try not to make fun of me. Also, I was very okay with this dumb burn before my burn unit visit but now it is quite painful, so try not to bump it.
The cream makes it sting and burn. That's, "how you know it's working", again, "they normally give patients some nice percocet or vicodin but since I'm allergic, I just have to deal with it". Good times. I have to change the dressing every morning and night and clean and scrape it before I replace the cream and dressings.

Here is what my dressings consist of. Yes that little tiny strip of tissue coming out of the box is the fun tight net sleeve over my dressings. I thought that part was pretty cool actually.
The 2 ointments I mix together in equal parts and then apply. By apply I mean cover burn with about a quarter of an inch thick amount of ointment. Then the non stick gauze pad, then the wrap to keep the gauze pad in place, then the net sleeve. I had a band aide on it when I went in and they told me I could use the bandaide but the nonstick gauze had to go on first, then the band aide, then the wrap, then the net. I chose not to use the band aides.

They sent me home with all these wonderful supplies. They sit on my kitchen counter. Waiting for me every morning and every night. Everything has to stay very clean.Washed hands with antibiotic soap then anti septic cleanser then the burn cleaned and scraped and cleaned again. dressed then hands washed again. Like I said, fun times. In conclusion, I have a new found empathy for Nie Nie!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

Lexi, Cassie'ss oldest Lexi hiding behind Cassie's legs

Laney and Brandon

Miranda and Zanya

Bryce with alot of the kids
Dan and Hanna sparring

Mitchel and Connor

The oldest nieces. Awesome and gorgeous!
Zephyr we took some family pics.
Me and Bryce

jumping shot of the girls

All the nieces and nephws that were present All the Proffitt chicas Proffitt children minus 2.Awesome faces on some of us

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jewelry prices

Okay blogging friends. I am going to try to sale my jewelry again. I would like to know what you would pay for it? Price for a necklace, price for a bracelt and price for earing? Also a little discounted price for a complete set, necklace, bracelet and earings? Here are some samples of my work.

Long black set.

Black bling

Grey set

Brown and cream set

Black cameo set

Black heart set

Brown set

Blue set

The economy sucks right now so I need honest opinions of what you would pay not flattering opinions of what you would pay. Thank you! Oh and feed back is always welcome.