Sunday, August 8, 2010

California 2010-Oh yeah, I got hit by a car

No my car did not get hit by car, I got hit by a car. So, I'm in the Walmart parking lot just minding my own business and walking to my car when a huge red truck backs into me. Hard. See no one was parked next to him so he gunned it. My hip and my shoulder felt it the most.

These pictures are about a week and a half later. I need to upload the ones from my phone.

My hip. Although darker, hurt less than my shoulder. But it probably had a bigger knot. No, I did not get his information or his license plate number. Honestly, my first thought was, "at least it wasn't the car". I was driving my sister's car. Plus, he was mexican. 

My shoulder. Totally faded. The blank spot is where he acually hit my arm. The bruising spread all around it. When I got back to the campsite I felt bad for running late. Then I said, "I go hit by a car", and my mom didn't hold it against me. I said, " it doesn't look too bad" and my mom said,
"just you wait, I think it's going to bruise all the way down your arm". Something about blood and gravity I think.
It almost made it to my elbow joint. This is toally faded. Like I said, a week and a half later. I'll post other pictures.

Anyone want to have a worst luck contest?


That's probably a good idea, cause I would totally whoop you all.

My wedding dress

So my sister went through her cclsoets and found her wedding dress so she put it on and took pictures and sent them to the family. She told the rest of us to put ours on and take pictures and share them so I did. Then I thought I'd share with you.

I think my sister is more impressive cause she had children and I haven't and never will. However. My rib cage is the biggest part of me and my dress was fitted to my ribs. Therefore, I'll probably always be able to put it on.

I still love my dress. Love love love it. Maybe one of my neices will want to wear it one day.