Monday, August 22, 2011

California 2011

California 2011. I know, It's about time. Here are a bunch of pictures from the proffitt family vacation this year. I didn't get even 1 picture of Bryce and I. 

Ike and booker
Mitchell, Miranda and Seaver
Ike, Miranda, Mitchell, Seaver and Andria
Same group plus booker
Seaver, Miranda and Andria
Zanya and Mitchell
Jan with Baby Asher. He was a crown pleaser. 
Booker and Ike
Sherry and Abbigail AKA Queenie
Hanna and Queenie. She just got right off her moms lap and right onto Hanna's
My mom and Ron. I must say Ron did really well for his first year. It takes everyone who marries into our family a while to get used to our kind of vacation. We literally just sit on the beach all day. 
Laney, following her mom. I got her to talk to me once. But only after I started making animal noises. 
Baby asher. 
the teens and Dan
Brandon in the hat. He dug holes. The kids loved it. 
Lexi and Addie are always the best of friends. Laney jumped in the picture too. 
funny story about Lexi and Addie.
While at the campground walking together and chatting..
Addie- she just took my kitty. It's okay for now but I want my kitty back. I like my kitty. She's a cute kitty. I take her with me all the time. Abbigail stole her though, that's why I don't have her.....
Lexi-(flailng her hands for emphasis) Addie, forget about the kitty
It totally cracked me up. Loved it.

Bryce and some kids. Dax and trigg trying to play one of the big kid games together. 
Hanna and Danica working on their tan.
Joy and Dave
Wendell. Ha Ha
Cassie and Laney
The kids in one of Brandons sweet holes.
My awesome new beach bag at work. Breazy usually carried it to the beach which made it that much better. 
Sand dollars that seaver found. We're a sand dollar family. It started with my mom. She used to collect them. Now all the kids search the beach for them and then show them off. There were a ton this year. 
Daves sand sculpture this year.
A "sand"which. Get it. Funny.
Kinsey doing Tates hair. It was a dare. One of my nieces found a truth or dare app, so we played. 
I love this trip. It is the perfect vacation. You don't have to be anywhere or do anything, you just get to sit on the beach with the ocean air, a good book and entertaining children. It was a great time. So glad Bryce could make it this year.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My sweet Pepper and Izzy

I have one friend form high school that I still see regularly. I hope I continue to see her regularly for the rest of my life. She is one of my favorite woman and somehow I think she will always be able to put up with me.  Her name is Ashley and she recently gave birth to beautiful identical twin girls. Today they was their blessing. Their father, Corey, did a beautiful job. I will have those blessing typed up soon Ashley and Corey. I promise. 

Anyways, Here are their gorgeous girls. Izzy and Pepper. Izzy on the left, Pepper on the Right. 

Izzy. She's a little smaller and she has two little dimples on one cheek. 

She's a little bigger and I hope I can always tell these sweet babies apart. I'm afraid I'll only be able to when they're side by side. 

Proud grandparents. Ashley's mom and dad. 

Pretty Grandma

Handsome Grandpa. He always has a look of pure joy on his face when holding one of his sweet grand daughters. 

 Happy mom and dad withe their wonderful babies. 

I fed Pepper and then changed her out of her blessing gown. She was wide awake and enthralled as I told her how pretty she was. 

Me and Pepper. 

When I talk to them I tell them I am their aunt Callie. Not by blood maybe but I love these girls and their mother as much as my sisters and nieces. I hope I can spoil them and can do their hair for prom and tell them fun stories about their mom and I. I love you Izzy and Pepper. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

POTS-Please watch

Lately I have been feeling more down trodden then normal about my disorder POTS. So I decided to see if youtube could lend some support. Sure enough I found these amazing videos. I can't tell how often I have felt %100 of what these people are saying. It made me feel so much better to watch these videos. I'm not gonna lie, I totally cried a couple times feeling the comfort of understanding, I urge you to please watch these videos. Not just for me but for the people in your life who may have this disorder and are still not diagnosed. It took me 2 and a half years of tests that came back odd or wrong but with no explanation. 2 and a half years of doctors telling me that maybe I just need to switch my birth control or consider the fact that it's all in my head. 2 and a half years, no I lied, this part still goes on and I believe it will go on forever, of people, some who are supposed to love me,  thinking that I'm lazy, crazy, too emotional, wanting for attention or depressed instead of being sick. It was eventually a coworker who has a sister in law with the same disorder that suggested POTS to me. Tender mercy. If more people knew about this it may have only taken 6 months to reach a diagnosis.

Best video about POTS part 1

I know they aren't short but please, I beg of you, watch them all. 90% of my friends and family still have no idea what is wrong with me and I feel like you don't care. You can't see anything wrong with me so that must mean it's not that big of deal. There is nothing further from the truth. I say these things and put them in writing so that if you have POTS and you are reading this, you know that you are not the only one who has felt that way.

part 2

During my tilt table test, they only raised me to 70 degrees. My resting/laying down for 20 min, heart rate was 80 BPM. It took only 4 minutes to reach 182 BPM. That's an increase of over 100 BPM, I an a very severe case of POTS. When you hear them talk about 20% or 30% etc of of POTS patients suffering from certain symptoms or related disorders, I always fall into that percentage. To those of you out there who also fall into those ranges, you are not alone. After about 12 min at 70% elevation my heart rate started to enter the 200 BPM ( heart attack range). My doctor who was awful still wanted to see me lose consciousness. Needless to say, I didn't like him very much. Fortunately he was not the one performing my test. The doctor in the hospital decided I was too much at risk and lowered me without actually seeing me pass out.

Part 3

Please know this is not a plea for sympathy. It is a plea for you to educate yourselves a little about POTS so that, hopefully, you can be someone else's tender mercy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thought that I can't post on facebook.

What most people consider as a problem with women I think of like this. Most of us, women, can't not contemplate things further. Someone does or says something hurtful (on purpose or not) and it keeps us up at night, makes us sad, angry or hurt. Then we're tired and frayed. Emotionally and mentally. Then we are emotional and bring things up that matter to us but maybe not to you. And you push it and us aside as crazy, irrational or overly emotional. But God made us that way on purpose. So that when our kid scrapes their knee, we remember to get neosporin in the morning. so that we can understand and empathize with others. So that we can teach our children not to do things that keep others up at night.

For those of you  who will read this and automatically relate it to my husband or something that he may or may not have done, please don't. There are other people in this world who can have an affect on m thoughts.