Monday, August 31, 2009

Sometimes I'm artsy and creative

I did a project today. All of it was my very own idea. I've wanted some new art in my kitchen and my family room. I wanted them a good size but I didn't want to spend $25 on each picture. If I wanted 3 that would be a total of $75 and I don't have that. Well, at orange patch they have beautiful calendars. I go in and look every now and then to look at them and I finally found one with exactly what I wanted.

This one.
These are all the beautiful pictures in the Calendar. I wanted 3 for my kitchen and 3 for my family room. For this project I needed the pictures, canvas, tacky glue and paint. Calendar =$15

Canvas = $5.96 for all 3

I cut out the ones I wanted for my kitchen and then cut them out with a paper cutter so they were straight. Then I glued them on to the canvas's.

Paint = $.97 Sponge brushes = $1.97 for 5 or 1 for $.69
I did 2 thin coats of paint and yes I overlapped the picture.

And this is my final product hanging on the wall in my kitchen. They are 11x14 and all 3 cost me $23.90.

These are the 3 I am going to put in my living room. I am going to frame them in brown though, not red. This second set will only cost me $8.90 because they came from the same calendar. Plus I'm going to use the butterfly pictures and do a smaller version of 2 for my Grandma to put somewhere in her house for Christmas. She loves butterflies.

So, 6 11x14 pretty dang good looking pieces of artwook and 2 pieces of artwork for a Christmas gift for a total of $32.80
Yes, I am proud of myself.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We have moved on from bunnies to pigeons

So, Donut has been us buunies all summer, but now that they are no longer babies she has graduated to pigeons. That's right, she's now bringing me birds. Fortunately the 2 she has brought me, so far, were also 'share the kill' gifts. Which means that she brings them to me pretty much unharmed so that I can kill them. Instead I take them outside and throw them in the air and watch them fly away. Let's hope they can all fly away.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthy Ice cream fix.

So, as most of you know, I can't eat ice cream. I do still, occasionally, crave it though. My favorite used to be Ben and Jerry's Mint Cookies and Cream.

Well, recently I found my ice cream fix. What's totally awesome it's that it's only 1 point and low fat, low calories and still amazingly delicious. It is the So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich minis.
My favorite are the mint ones. However, the chocolate ones are nice and chocolately and absolutely amazing. I garuntee satifaction with these puppies. They don't taste one bit low fat. They are a good size too. They're about the size of a palm centro.
I highly recommend you go out and buy some of these. I dare you to tell me you don't like them, and mean it!!! Not possible. ( if you're an ice cream fan that is )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

turtle number 3 for the Dunyons.

So my sister Joy has a big Sulcata tortoise. They've had it since their oldest son Tate was a little kid. It's name is Chomper and it's rather large now. Well, for the past few years my sister and her family wanted another sulcata tortoise so that chomper could have a friend.
My mom thought it would make a good Christmas present. If you don't know, Sulcata tortoises can be expensive. Chomper would probably go for about $300 now and hatchlings usually go for around $75. Fortunately, I seem to have a fairly easy time finding these things for a good price.
So, my mom bought chomper a friend about 2 or 3 years ago and a neighbor girl lost it. It was a tiny hatchling and she let him out and didn't keep an eye on him so we lost it. So, about a year ago they got another one and about a month ago that one died. So I went looking again. This time they wanted one a little older and I happend to find one that was close to a year old and here it is. Isn't he handsome? When me and my mom picked him up the first thing we noticed was how handsome he was. I got a really good deal on him too.

Let's hope this one sticks around long enough to meet Chomper.

No more babies for Donut

I was finally able to get Donut fixed. Its a good thing I made her 2 consecutive appointments for Mon and Tues morning because she totally evaded me Monday morning. My cat is a total dog. I took her to the vet and there were like 6 dogs in there. One was an 85 pound English Lab. Donut and the lab became best friends. I even opened the top door to her crate and let them sniff eachother. I left it open after that. With 6 big dogs she did great. Then a woman brought in a female cat and Donut started growling. Not hissing or Meowing, Growling. It was hilarious. Even the vet tech commented on it.

This is what Donut looked like all day after her surgery. It was quite funny.

They did it Laprascopically so this was the only little incision she had.
She's a baby. The vet told Bryce, when he picked her up, that because she would be drugged for 3 days that she'd be cranky and take her aggression out on us. They obviously didn't know our donut very well. She was all love and affection. And played with as many of hair ties that I'd let her have.

I failed to mention....

That I had the entire engine of my 09 Nissan Versa totally replaced while I was on vacation in Califonia. It was all good though. It was free and now I have a brand new engine. I also have a warranty that provided me with a free rental the entire time they were fixing my car. My oil intake Manifold under engine died.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Proffit family beach vacation 2009

Here are my pictures from this years beach vacation. These first few catch the true essence of the proffitt family at the beach.

Joy always with a baby in her arms.
babies and toddlers taking naps in cabanas on the beach.
This is what we do on the beach most of the time. Read. It's what we do. Check it out, even Kevin sitting in the back is reading a book.

The babies this years. There's at least one baby every year.

cute kids posing for pictures.

Booker running with boogie board in tow.

This made me laugh. Even on vacation Gregs choice of reading was an orthodontist magazine. Several of them, I think.

We pack up every morning and spend about 7-8 hours on the beach every day. Lunch, extra clothes, diapers and wipes. Whatever we need, we find a way to get it there. This was the Garns method this year.

Babies tasting and getting to know sand for the first time.

This is our family spread along the beach this year, minus Cassie and Brandon. So picture it with one more blaket and cabana on one of the ends.

There were pigeons all around this year. There is every year. Well, for the first time, somone caught one. It was Brandon.

It was a fun trick that he and all the kids thougt was clever.

All I thought was, " Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you".

That's right, I caught one too.


Adders running around camp saying, " suuupperr Maaann!"

"I am suupperr Maannn."

The adult watching Pace play the guitar.

Everyone watching pace play the guitar.

I swear Kylee has a 6th sense for cameras. No matter how off gaurd I think I'm catching her, she's looking right at me and looking gorgeous. It's odd. I don't know how she does it.

this is what I got when I asked Pace to open his eyes for a second. Nice huh?

Pace singing and Playing songs on the guitar. Most of which were penned by his own hand.Jannalee
Dax and Zanya playing together.
Dax and JaremRuthie