Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday and toes.

So it was my 26th birthday on April 18th. It was a good birthday. First my husband took me to his parents house on Saturday where I was met by birthday decorations and friends. We opened a few gifts and played some games and ate some yummy strawberry cake.
Cake made by Katie. It was very yummy!
We played Quelf. If you've never played Quelf, you must. But you must play with a fun group of friends and you all must be willing to look and sound a bit silly.
Kristen had to mummy wrap her head or pay the penalty. She totally passed the Quelf test.
Then we had to be siamese twins.
Then we had to play pattycake with Kevin as siamese twins. All in a good game of Quelf.
I also got a sweet new quilted throw from Coldwater Creek, a new DVD and Kevin got me the Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel book 1. Which I then proceeded to read along with the first 6 volumes in 3 days. I'm kind of a Buffy buff. The graphic novels just carry on from the Series finale.

Then I got my big gift from my mom, which was my Baby book. Here are just a few things from that priceless gem.
My birth cerificate says Susan. My parents named me Susan not Caroline/Callie. Then when my mom realized how different Cassie and I were she decided to give us twin names. I knew  this but a piece I just learned is that they didn't change my name until my baby blessing. That's a long time.

The 4 inch height difference between Cassie and I has been there since birth.
But as seen here, it's all in her legs.
I've always closed my left eye the second I step outside.

I was super blond and my hair still is naturally blond. It's ashier and uglier though.
My first solo and my first State Queen title. Dance solo. Funny thing about this picture is that that hair is not mine. Someone walked behind me in this picture and it looks like I have long hair.
I broke my leg. Spiral broke my shin bone to be exact.
I'm in different clothes in this picture because the break was so bad they couldn't cast it. Everything had to settle first. They sent me home for 3 days 2 nights I think. It was a nightmare. I slept on my parent floor so my mom could give me pain killers and I wanted to be there. It was awful. Then I went back, they numbed my leg, moved things around and then cast it. It was bright pink. It was still a nightmare. They wanted me to put weight on it right away and I cried and cried everytime I tried. My mom set me up on the hide-a-bed in the room by the kitchen for like  a week. I ate avacado toast to my hearts desire.
Cast from toe to leg joint and I still did the splits. Dance rehearsals eventually too. Oh did I mention I broke my leg by walking down the stairs on roller blades? I really should make up a better story.

When I was 12 I got bit by a dog. His teeth his bone. Doctors in the E.R told me that if it were a person bite they'd have to amputate my leg. This was after it was stitched up. It looked worse then it was. You should have heard the comments and seen the looks from people in the E.R. 12 Year old girl with 3 gaping holes in her leg, bone easily seen and they made me wait for like 3 hours. My mom bought me cheese its from the snack machine.
And I did my toes this weekend. New asymetricle argyle. I like it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet Dreams.

Babies. I have been dreaming of my baby. No, I am not pregnant, remember it's impossible. I am alo not in the process of getting a baby. You know, adoption or foster care. But sometimes I dream of my first baby. Well I think she is my first baby. This dream was very very pleasant. It was also very life like. My sister Joy took my tiny sweet baby girl from me and said, " well, she doesn't look Proffitt or Christiansen but she's just as cute!". And Rebecca, started going through the super cute new baby girl stuff I had brought with me. She was a very small baby. We had gotten her 6 days after she was born. She had been born 4 weeks early so they kept her a little longer. She was  dark skinned. I don't know what exactly but a mix of nationalities. Beautiful color and about 5 pounds 8 ounces. It's the same baby every time I dream. Well, this time I did not want to wake up and I even dreamed about her again the next night. The next day I hit Orange patch and they had pastel letters to hang up in a nursery on major sale. Normally they were $8.99 and they were on sale for $.99. I bought the letters for my little girls name. I know what your thinking but I already know what I'm naming my first girl when/if I have children and it was only $4. I couldn't help it. All was so pleasant that I decided to continue the fantasy a little bit. So, here's what I found.

This first one is my favorite but the others are a close 2nd and 3rd.

Love this dresser. It's awesome. And so cute dirty clothes hamper.
Top 2 diaper bags. The one on the right is PERFECTION!

Could this blanket be any cuter?
Super awesome burp clothes. Is 6 enough. No, I'd need more.
Bibs. And the blanket. I want a baby just so I can buy this blanket. It could be her silky. The blanky she loves most of all.

And lastly the little sling baby carrier. It's pink and also super cute.  
Sometimes day dreams make life better.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fergus, Jewellry and burn update.

We are dogsitting for Clargaret for the month of April. Their dog is a boxer named Fergus. Named Fergus because my Buddy remembered my doggie Fergie and named his doggie Fergus.

This dog is like no other dog I've had the pleasure of knowing before. In the sense that he has a will all his own. He does things for himself and himself only. He is not a people pleasing dog. But he is trainable and he is definately a sweetheart. I'm afraid he's landed himself in doggie boot camp here at the Christiansen home. We are whipping him into doggie shape.

He tends to think he's a little lap dog like my doggies. I really like that about him.

He's walking really well, well better, and he is almost calm the second he comes in the house. And we almost never put the shock collar on him anymore. He is a super sweet heart.

Recently the girls at the salon have been into the new chuncky chain necklaces so I decided to take a stab at them. This is just one that I hve made. I really like them I think. We'll see how they sell. Tell me what you think.

And my burnn is much better. It's pretty much back to the same size it was when it first happend. Now it seems like such a small thing. I can show people now and it's kind of like, " um I know it's really small now but I promise I didn't make a mountain out of a mole hill. Yes, I have to wear this compression band for another 6 months."
It's even smaller now. I think tomorroow I am going to post the life cycle of my burn. That will contain the yucky pictures, so i am giving you far warning.