Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don't know about tomorrow but today....

Today I am trying not to cry.

Today I am trying not to be jealous.

Today I am trying to Love my puppies and have that be enough.

Today I am trying to not blame Adam for my pitiful existence on this earth.
Today I am trying not to blame Eve for tempting Adam.

Today I am trying to think of what I can do and not of what I can't do.

Who am I kidding? Today I am wallowing and hoping that tomorrow will be better. But I know it won't be. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

GNN Anonymous

Good morning everyone. I would like to start off today's session. 
My name is Callie and I am a Graphic Novel Nerd. It started out with just one. My husband said, " go ahead, just read it. It's fun." He gave me one that all of my favorite storybook characters from my childhood. 

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding hood, the Big Bad wolf and even LIttle Boy Blue. 
Peter Pan, Pinochio, all kinds of your childhood favorites but now in today's time in in despair. Boy Blue became my new favorite. He's my weakness. I go days, even weeks, and then boy blue does me in. The plots are more adult. Don't judge by the first book. It's probably the worst it the series. It only gets better. 

Then my husband introduced me to a new one about a guy who can eat something and know exactly where all the ingredients came from, how they were grown, what was used to prepare them, everything. Oh The main character is also a cop. He uses his crazy skills to solve cases.  
I have to admit that it gets gross sometimes. One drop of blood in his soup turns into him arresting the chef for rape and murder. Very entertaining.  

Just when I think I'm done with Graphic Novels a new one comes along. My husband also introduced me to this one. It's more childish then the others. First part of getting better is admitting the truth right? You saw the Ironman movie and it totally rocked right? Well, the Avengers is all the good guys teaming up to save the world over and over again. It has Ironman, the Hulk, 
Captain America, Thor and others. I got into this one because major motion pictures are being made about most of these characters and I thought it would be fun to know a little more about them. The movie about Thor is coming this summer. I think Captain America is next. 
I've watched a few Avengers episodes on tv with my husband. I think I'll try to get him to come to the next GNN anonymous meeting with me. Thanks for listening my story. See you next time. Remember, the program works if you work the program.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Under the covers

As you know, today is super chilly. Plus my husband is home sick. As a result, our entire little family was under this morning at 9 am. It was dreamy.

Even Simba our cat snuggled right up on Bryce.

I had to include our beautifulness as well.