Monday, November 23, 2009

Jewelry prices

Okay blogging friends. I am going to try to sale my jewelry again. I would like to know what you would pay for it? Price for a necklace, price for a bracelt and price for earing? Also a little discounted price for a complete set, necklace, bracelet and earings? Here are some samples of my work.

Long black set.

Black bling

Grey set

Brown and cream set

Black cameo set

Black heart set

Brown set

Blue set

The economy sucks right now so I need honest opinions of what you would pay not flattering opinions of what you would pay. Thank you! Oh and feed back is always welcome.


I think that because of my inability to control so many things in my life, I have become a bit OCD with the things I can control.

Such as folding laundry must be done is at least 10 different piles., my garment bottoms and tops, bryce's garment bottoms and tops, my hang up clothes, his hangup clothes with skirts and sweatshirts in their own piles, my pants in their coordinated piles and his pants and shorts in coordinated piles. Clothes in the closet on my side go in the order of dresses, skirts, and then tshirts. Pants on the shelves are in 5 piles, blacks, kakis, jeans, all other colors and comfy pants oh and leggings. My husbands clothes go, dress pants, button up collared shirts, polo's then plain tshirts. Then on the bottom pole is all our winter tops, mine on the left and Bryce's on the right. My bed must be made starting and ending on the same side every morning. The tags on my bed sheets must always be on the lower right hand corner of the bed. Showers go, Shampoo, condition, clean body while conditioner sits on hair and then face and if I am shaving my legs it's left leg first then right. The bathroom is cleaned the same way every time. Counter, toilet, tub mirrors then floor. It makes me nervous if my mom tries to help sometimes and does it differently. And the projects I work on are done in sets of 8. Pretzels dipped in chocolate get counted in sets of 8. I fold towels at work in sets of 8. Bites or sips or steps are done in sets of 8. I think it's because I was a dancer. Sometimes it's, "1and2and3and4 5and6and7and8" when I speed up the tempo.

Should I worry about this?

Monday, November 16, 2009


I find it a little irritating that 300 people can view my blog and yet I have 0 comments. Please feel free to leave your thoughts. If you feel that I am being a whiney twit, let me know. If you have any adice, I'd love to hear it. Nothing is off limits.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spoiled Doggies

Here are my spoiled doggies.

It's winter time, therefore the hot bed comes out. Chihuahua's do not do well in the cold and we don't ever turn on the heat. So, my doggies have a bed in which there are 2 hot pads under the cusion that is left on all the time for them. If they get chilli, they just snuggle up with their hot pads.

My friend Todd had a birthday so a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate. It was a big group. We went to CPK. Yummy!

The guest of Honor on the right and one of his friends. See the pile of brownies in front of him?

The guys who didn't have dates. Suckas. Ha Ha Ha.

Katie and Greg, stuffing their faces. We were all quite hungery.

Kevin and Kristen. I like her but I still hope Keving waits til Keeley comes home. :-)

Bryce and I.

Can you resist that face? I can't either.
This is Riley. She is my USOS brother's baby girl. He and his wife had a wedding to go to so she came Over to our house for a while.

I did her hair. Look how curly and how cute!

This baby always brings a smile to my face. I like to hold her with my cheek pressed against hers and whisper or hum songs in her ear. She just sits there and listens. Sometimes she tries to sing along or whisper to me too.

She likes to put my bracelets in her mouth.

My pink bracelet matched her outfit. I think that made her happy. So cute!

Peace out people.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

13 year long love affair

I have had a 13 year love affair with The Phantom of the Opera. I remember sitting on the very back row of the very highest balcony in an LA Theater with my family passing the binoculars back and forth all night long the first time I saw it. We had to see his yucky face, you know. I think I remember cassie having nightmares for a little while. I also remember that on the 7 hour trip to California my played the soundtrack over and over again while she explained exactly what was going on in the play so that Cassie and I would understand exatly what was going on when we saw it for the first time. I have loved loved LOVED it ever since. I saw it again for a second time here at Gammage with Cassie, my mom, my dad and I think Mama Ginger, right here at gammage in the 3rd row. It was awesome! I remember that huge chandelier hanging over my head and crashing down right in front of my face. That just hightened my Love for this play.

I just saw it again on November 4th in the 4th row right here at gammage and I have to say that the Phantom that I know and love has changed a bit. I'm not a fan of the change.

I loved the movie. That was an okay change. I mean I'd totally marry that Phantom!

You see, the Phantom I know and love is seductive and wonderfully and skillfully manipulative. You have to try to tell yourself that he's bad otherwise you'd totally give into his dangerous world and charm. And his music would seduce any female. Well, any female with good hearing and knows what pitch is. He's dreamy and you can't help but want him, in a way. You want to give into all the beautiful darkness that he has convinced you that you need in order to survive.
And then there's Raoul. He is what makes you see the manipulation in the Phantoms world. However, Raoul is the man you'd take home to mom and dad and the Phantom is the man you'd jump on the back of a motorcycle with. So, there's still that internal love turmoil and eternal love triangle.
Phantom made her experience things she'd never experienced before. The things of dreams and music like nothing she's never known, pure, sweet and total surrender of the soul. But.... Raoul makes her experience things that she never knew she could experience. Love with every fiber of being, fearlessness, comfort, dreams as a reality, and a future that includes a family and the world.
But... How could you resist this? Your are suppposed to know and fall in love with a Phantom that is crazy in LOVE,(if not a little obsessed), with the woman of his dreams not just plain crazy. Christine is the first human being in his world that saw past his face. The first person who wasn't afraid to touch him, to hear him, to be with him and to give into him without fear. You can't fall in love and go through internal turmoil with just plain crazy. And that is what The Phantom of the Opera is supposed to be. He's not supposed to be just plain crazy. He's supposed to be artistic and a genious who's gone a bit stir crazy due to seclusion. It's supposed to be A story about a heartwrenching love triangle. A man who is abandoned by the entire world and in the end is abandoned by his one true love. You are supposed to feel for him and, in a way, you want him to come out as the victor. That is not what I saw this last time I saw the play and I was a little disapointed. This time the character was played as just plain crazy and as what I thought was slow.

I also remembered the chandelier being huge and impressive and this time it wasn't. But then I heard my niece say, "Oh that was crazy! That definately would have scarred Dax and probably made him cry", and the other one say, " I know it was huge and right in front of us".
Then I thought, "okay, that's how I remembered it", and smiled. I miss my Phantom. I want him to come back to me. At least I have the movie, which was done right, forever.
Also, just a random question. What is the significance of the red rose? I mean, they wave fake ones for sale in your face everytime. You really only see a red rose once in the entire play. So, what made it a focal point?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends

I am having issues with one particular set of 'the written word' right now.

The Scriptures. For some reason I just can't read them. To be honest the only time I really could was when I was out on the trail all by myself and the scriptures were the only book available to me. But right now, 5 minutes in and I'm out cold. And whatever I just tried reading is %100 gone and hadn't sunk in whatsoever. So, I had to turn to some friends for help.

Neal A. Maxwell and Jeffrey R. Holland seem to be my most understanding friends at the moment.

Right now, I'm mostly enthralled with this friends stories. He just happens to throw several scriptures references into his stories. Sometimes 5 or 6 per page. You see, I will be the first one to tell you that during the hard times in our lives the words and teachings of our Heavenly Father can sometimes be the one and only way to regain comfort, if not Hope.
These friends in particular help me with my scripture issues. This way I understand and even enjoy what I am reading and the scripture references are enough to keep me interested in the actual scriptures without falling asleep. I also have complete understanding of what I am reading and it sticks.

I must say that Neal A. Maxwell's 'All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience' and Jeffrey R. Holland's 'However Long and Hard the Road' are my friends of choice right now.

However, I am looking forward to getting to know this new friend as well.
In my opinion I think anyone who has trouble getting through the scriptures and yet believes full heartedly that they should be trying to read them, like myself, should pick another book by and author they know and love about a topic that you might need some added strength and let it help you. One word of advice, first make sure it's a book that will keep your attention and that will keep your attention for quite a while. Then make sure it has a few scripture references to keep your eyes and mind in the scriptures as well. It has definately helped me. Give it a try.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My new favorite thing And keep scrolling down cause there's a new post after this one too.

Yes my friends, Modern Family is my new favorite thing. I thinks it's my mom's new favorite thing. It is funnier then the commercial make it look. The best way to describe it is, it's the new unanimated Simpsons. It is 6 kinds of funny with a moral of some kind included in the funny. The funny is also very consistant. If you're not in love by the end of the second episode, you are crazy. If you want to chill, relax and have a good laugh, pull up Modern Family on and watch it. They are 30 min episodes and when I introduced it to my mom she watched the first 4 in a row and was disapointed when they were over. Now, through out the week she asks me when the new episode comes. It's funny.

Here are the characters of the show.
This is the Patriarch of the family: Yes, he is from Married with Children but you fall in love with him anyways, I promise.
He is rich and divorced and now remarried to this yound hispanic spit fire of a woman and they raise her son Manny. That kid is seriously funny!

This is the son of the Patriarch.

He is gay and has been with his partner Cam for 5 years and they just adopted a little baby girl from Thailand who they named Lilly. Cam is probably my favorite character on the show. Dude is HILARIOUS!

This is the daughter of the Patriarch and she is the older of his 2 kids.

She is married and has 3 kids. She's down to earth while the dad tries to be fun and cool and paremtal all the same time. Their oldest is a snotty teenager. The Middle girl is brilliant. And their youngest isn't very bright but very....hmmmm I don't know. Their interaction as a family is awesomely funny.

And their you have it my friends. Modern Family!

It always makes me laugh and in a much better mood then I was before. My 62 year old mother loves it as much if not more then I do. Seriously, even if your skeptical just watch the first 2 episodes and then see how you feel. And I definately want to hear about your Modern Family experience. So, watch it and then tell me what you think of it.