Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is my other baby monty. We put a blue tooth on him. He looks very tech savvy doesn't he? He's my first love. Me and my dad picked him out together. When I brought him home he was actually about 1 1/2 pounds and fit in the palm of my hand. Here's how his name came about.

Me: What should I name him dad?

Dad: He's really small, maybe it should be something to do with that. I know, how about Fezic the giant from the Princess Bride? It would be funny because Fezic is a giant and he is teeny tiny.

Me: Yeah that's good but he's a spanish dog so it might be fun to have a spanish name.

Dad: Oh, How about Anigo Montoya, the spaniard from the Princess Bride and we call him Monty for short?

Me: Yeah, That's perfect. "My name is Anigo Montoyo you killed my father prepare to die" ( done with spanish accent of course) Monty, I love it.

It's been Monty ever since. I know he's a Chihuahua but I raised him around 30 kids so he's an awesome chihuahua. Even big burley men fall in love with him.

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sherry said...

He HAS always been a fabulous dog with the kids. Surprisinfg in a chihuahua. I don't even like dogs, but Monty is quite harmless. Love the pic with you and Lexi. You should post a more recent picture of you with your cute hair.