Saturday, March 14, 2009

Addition to the family

Since I'm not getting a baby anytime soon, I'd thought I'd adopt something else.

A few diamonds.
The center band and diamonds are my original wedding ring. The two band on the outside are new.
My 2 year anniversary gift. Did you know that in this recession, diamond manufacturers are going out of business?

This means that Jared's, who never ever ever has sales, is having a sale. One of the manufacturers they get diamonds and settings from just went bankrupt and discontinued. If I remember currently they are calling the sale Vault values. My husband has been wearing his CTR ring as his wedding ring because we lost the first ring I bought him. So I bought him a new one. It is White gold and has 3 little diamonds in it and it was only $200. Amazing!

I love love love this new ring. It's like the perfect blend of my mom's new wedding ring and my Mama Gingers wedding ring.


The Blair's said...

Callie that ring is gorgeous! My 5 yr anniversary is coming up and we were thinking about an updgrade...thanks for the tip about Jared's.

sherry said...

It is very pretty, I love it!

Dave and Rachel said...

so pretty. i love diamonds. I want a big rock one day.

Jeff and Jenny said...

Um, very nice ring, by the way.

I work for a Family Practice Doctor, Dr. Green. He is a general family physician. No type of specialist.

Jen said...

SOOO Beautiful! I love it!!!

Los Torrientes said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. I miss you. You going to be full time at Tantrum soon?