Monday, March 5, 2012

Bigby's new dog bed!

A couple week ago I decided my Bubs (Bigby) needed a new dog bed. A thick dog bed. 

My dopey bubs is big. I wouldn't be surprised if he's reached a 100 pounds or at least close to it. He's broad. I've been told he's the English style yellow lab. Which means his head is more square, his snout is shorter and he is bulky/broad bodied. That's my boy. That's also why I decided he needed a thick bed. I wanted a bed that when he laid down wouldn't sink to the hard floor. I don't want his joints hurting him. Broad thick dogs can get arthritis and I want to put that off for my bubs as long as possible. So I began the search. Everything I found was in the $90-$140 price range. They were plain too which would show dirt, I wanted a cover that would hide dirt. 

Here's what I ended up with. 
It's 40 inches x 30 inches and 6 inches thick. Actually in the cover it's 8 inches thick. I spent $61 plus tax and shipping. About $68 total. Awesome right?!
 The Cover is like a thick durable. soft, fabric cover with a 36 inch long zipper. Plus, it's browns and tans which will hide stains nicely between cleanings. I love it! How and where did I find this dog bed for such a good price you ask. 

I bought 2 queen size foam mattress toppers. The cheap ones at Walmart. I came home and folded them is half length wise then in half again and measured it to see if it would be big enough. Sure enough, it was the perfect size. I had taken Bigby to Petsmart the day before to see what size bed he'd need. 30 by 40 it was and 30 by 40 is what my folded mattress pads turned out to be. Then I folded the second one and put it on top of the first one to see if it would be thick enough. Sure enough it was thick enough too. So then I started looking for dog bed covers that measured 30 by 40 and were at least 6 inches thick. The results, nada. So I headed to Etsy. I found the covers I liked the most in my price range ($20) Found the material I liked the most and asked the seller if she could make a cover out of that material that was 30x40 and 6 inches thick and prayed that if she could that it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. She got back to me super quickly with news that she was out of that fabric. A little bummed I informed her it didn't have to be that material just boyish and stain friendly. She sent me picture of material she had I okayed it and asked how much it would cost me still hoping beyond hope it wouldn't be a ton. She got back to me and said it would be $21. PERFECT! I told I wanted it and she had it done the very next day and mailed it the next. 

My cover arrived today and I put my folded mattress pads on it there and it's absolutely perfect. I love it. Best part. When my big bulky dog where's down the padding and I'm sure it will eventually, all I have to do is buy 2 new mattress topper and put them in the wonderful cover. It's so nice I seriously think it'll last at least a couple years. It's so nice I don't think bubs has realized its his to get on.

When he does though, I'm sure he'll love it as much as I do. 

You want to do something similar the Etsy seller is here Art n Arfs on Etsy

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Jen said...

we bought a smaller bed for Bailey and it took her a couple months to finally sleep in it. now she loves it.

Bigby is one lucky dog :)