Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's not new medication. Because of my medical conditions I've have been on the same medications since the age of 19. Nothing new. I had some blood drawn in March to check hormone levels but it was just by my general practitioner not an Endogrinologist. With my schedule I just really don't have time to go see an Endocrinologist. That's why I through the question out. I am just really tired of feeling this way. I am miserable all the time. I have to take a phenergan every time I eat anything and if I don't, my head is over the toilet within 20 minutes. My poor husband is feeling it too because I totally take it out on him. I just am miserable.


sherry said...

Go see your OBGYN. If you are on a waiting list, pick a different one. You need an ultrasound and possibly a laporoscopy. As soon as possible.

beth ann said...

i think you miss tantrum... we miss you! i hate the word verification by the way... i have done it 4 times for this comment... just cuz i missed the whole computer generation by a few years and i got a "B" in my typing class cuz the teacher was a client at tantrum... still not fair!

Keeley brown said...

It was so fun seeing you tonight! :D I hope you start feeling better soon!!