Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways

I love love love the beach. Here are some pictures from my family vacation. More pictures and video to come.

This is Trigg. Check him out, he squints his left eye just like I do.

This is Taters. He like to play in the sand just like his dad does.
Tate and Kevin

Everyone sleeps. What better place to fall asleep then on the beach with the sounds of the waves in the background. This is clark catching some Z's. Poor guys had just finished the Bar the night before and then drove 6 hours to get to the beach.

This is cute little Zanya taking her nap in the cabana on the beach.

Here's Seaver. This became a daily event. He'd get out of the ocean and lay down for a minute to warm up and then he'd crash.

My brother in law, dave does these awesome san Scculpter. I missed the day he did the dragon unfortunately. But I was there for this one. I meant to show them from Start to Finish but I'm retarded and did them from Finish to Start.
Here are the babies destroying it.

It's a snake eating a man. Cool huh? Notes the bucket and the shovel.


Jer bear playing in the water.

Hanna and Jan.

Like mother, like daughter. Greg getiing ready to hit the waves.

My mom looking hot on the beach. I am so glad she's home for a little while.

A few of the kids barried waste deep in the sand. They sure liked to be barried this year.

Chandler looking cool. The kid is definately out of his awkward phase.

Me being forced to take a picture.

Booker. Man I love this kid. He only likes me when his parents aren't around though.

Addie, she wants to go boogie bording too.

Addie putting sun block on her mommas back.

All the kids were really good this year. It seems they had some eye problems though. I think there were 3 incidents where a couple of them ran into parked cars.

We always have super yummy food when we're in California. All in all my much needed vacation was a success. It was a ton of fun.


Little Red said...

Booker keeps asking for Bryce... I think he has a new favorite uncle!

Bryce Christiansen said...

I know, it's horrible having to take a picture with me ;)

sherry said...

Oh come on, she woke you up at 6:30 once. And that's it. She was mostly just cranky in the evenings. I didn't realize I had poked you. I edited my post. Truce?