Monday, April 27, 2009


On April 18th I turned 25. It was a pretty good birthday this year. I got some awesome gifts. My amazing mother took me to go get a pedicure. I love getting pedicures with my mom. One of my favorite things I think. I love my new toes. Thanks mom!!!!

My mother in law got me several things. The biggest was a Paraffin wax warmer and some Paraffin wax. If you ever  go get a pedicure and they put this was stuff on your feet, that is Paraffin wax. It is super moisturizing. It's awesome for the exima on my aweful feet. I will totally use it. She also got me pink robe, some pink flip flops and an amazing smelling candle. 

My sister inlaw, Katie, got me some seriously cute tops from Buckle. I love them.

she got me this off white coat thing that I can probably wear with anything.
And this cute shirt that I wore twice last week.

My friend megan gave me a white pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace that is Gorgeous. I wore it with my cute pink shirt from Buckle.

My amazingly easy forever friend from Highschool, Ashley Palmer Whittaker, gave me a gift card to Outback. How did she know it's one of my favorite places? She's just that kind of friend.
My brother in law Keving  got me a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen. Another one of my favorite places to eat. Kevin, knowing my fondness for amazing words from amazing prophets, also gave me a great cd with popular talks by the prophets. It will definately come in handy for future talks and lessons. 
Several of my  good friends took me out for a birthday lunch as well. I had Tiffany and Todd take me to IHOP and my friend Ashley Pederson took me to Olive Garden. 

Several other friends gifted me with there presence at my hoouse on my birthday for a little get together. It was a ton of fun. We played games and ate delicious pizza hut, pizza. I had a pretty darn good birthday this year. My husband took me to see 17 Again where we got 4 tickets to see a preview showing of GI Joe. He also bought me a beautiful bouqet of flowers and some gift certificates to the Broadway Palms dinner Theater for a future date. Amazing right? I am one lucky girl. Oh, and my family had  dinner on Sunday and I got raspberry delight for dessert. Yum! Thank you everyone for making me feel so amazingly loved of my birthday! I'm a quarter of a century old!


The Blair's said...

Well happy be-lated birthday! Looks like you got a lot of loot and love on your special day. Love the new shirts.

Ryan and Jayme said...

I am glad you had a great day. You scored some great stuff! What did you think of G.I. Joe? We saw that a few weeks ago. I thought it was pretty cool.

Jen said...

LOVE the gifts! The jacket it awesome, I totally want it.
What a great birthday!