Monday, April 20, 2009


There's been alot going on and I should have blogged a while ago. But,.... Life happens. Here we go.

It was my dad's birthday on April 17th. My mom wanted to celebrate, so a bunch of us got together. We hit up the cemetary and then we went back home for good food. We had some Joe'ss Reall BBQ pulled pork and chicken sandwiches and some Vito's pizza. It was  delicious.

This is my dad's grave ston. He died in October of 05. Motorcycle accident. Someone shouldn't have turned left when they did and he was smashed. Yes, he had his helmet on. Yes, he was doing everything to be as safe as possible. And yes, he still died. 
The picture on his grave stone. The night he died it took the cops 3 hours to track my mom down. My parents were in a situation with two houses and at the time my dad lived one and my mom and I in the other. My mom had sleepovers with my dad but on that night she was with me. The only person my cops had to get info was my brother Russell. For those of you who know me, that my USOS brother. He wasn't much help so it took them a while to get to my mom. 
Most of the girls at the cemetary. At 10:30 on october 26thh 2005 this is what  happend.

My mom went to bed at 10 and I stayed up a little later. At 10:30 there was a knock on our door. It was odd because anyone who knows us knew that we go to bed early. So, I answered the door. There stood two cops.

Me: Hello

Cop: Is your mom available?

Me: She's asleep. Can I help you.

Cop: No mam. We need to speak with your mother, could you please go wake her. 

Me: Oh come on, who's dead....

Cop: Mam, we really need you to go get your mother. 

So I did. She woke up they told us what  had happend and then the family got together and the cops followed us to my sister Rebecca's house. The cops followed us and spoke to my whole family. One of the cops was LDS and had asked who our bishop was and contacted him as well. 
Another one of us. Yes, I know I'm yucky. I had no make up on and didn't do anything but brush my hair. 

So after my family  knew, my mom called the two out of staters and informed them as well. After a while my mom decided she wanted to see my dad. Then it got even more painful. The cop informed us that they had already released his body to the morgue and that once it was there we couldn't see it until it was released to the funeral home. I was on the phone with the cops and the morgue until prrobably 2 or 3 am. I was bound and determined to get my mom there. I'll tell you, that is the one system I could not work over. They wouldn't budge and my mom couldn't see her husband for another 3 days. 
I did my dads hair for his viewing and funeral. I had just cut it about a week before he died. 

This is tiny baby. AKA Abigail Macnab. She is a grand daughter of my dad whom he never got to know in his time hear on earth. I believe my dad is up there playing with all the rest of the babies doomed and blessed to be a part of this family. He's telling them all about us and playing and making them laugh. Preparing them for what is to come. 
I also believe my dad is secure in the Celestial Kingdom which is a huge blessing. He was strong enough, not perfect, but strong enough to be rebaptized 6 months before he died. So, on the plus side, it was actually good timing. I also know that he watches and  visits every member of his family regularly. He visits most of us in our dreams too. 
Happy Birthday Dad!

Then there was Easter. I had to sing a solo in Sacrament  on Easter Sunday. I didn't know what to sing so I asked my twin sister Cassie and she recommended 'Mercy's Arms' for me to sing. So, that is what I sang. 

No, I do not sing, so don't ask me to. I had to feel cute if I was going to sing a solo so, I searched and searched for a cute, cheap Easter dress for me to feel cute in. 
I finally found this sweet thing at Walmart at 11:00pm. Walmart was supposed to close at 10 that Saturday for Easter Sunday and I got there at about 9:45 to pick up a few last minute items. I thought I peek at the dresses for a last stitch effort and I found this  dress. It was an Easter dress and already on sale because they had already marked all of the easter stuff down. It was sleeveless so I grabbed this cute yellow sweater to go over it. I felt old fashioned and beautiful. To complete my try at a 40's look my mom lent me her pearls. 
I loved it. I was still nervous for my solo but felt cute all day. Me and Bryce. 

Lastly, Donut had another set of kittens. After we moved we forgot how easy she is and forgot to spay her. Then one day she was just huge. 

This was donut favorite place and position. 

We had the dryer all set up with pillows and towels for whenever she decided to have her babies. On May 13th she came and told me and my mom she was ready. She's  a very talkative cat. We followed her and we were surprised to be taken to my closet. Now that she had us she settled in and started contracting.

She had her babied in our clothes hamper in our closet. She didn't start until about 10:30 at night and none of us wanted to stay up with her so we went to sleep and left her to it. 

We woke up to 4 rather ugly babies. They were not pretty. I was afraid we actually had an ugly batch on our hands. 

Fortunately, they all cutified. They became very pretty babies.


Jen said...

Love the Easter outfit!
What do you do w/ all these kittens?

Janeen Cohee said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! And... your dress is adorable! I wouldn't think that it's old fashioned! And the kittens are so precious! I would love to have on e but David is allergic! And thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm glad that you don't think my zebra is too much!

sherry said...

Wow, that is a lot of blogging for one post. You looked just lovely in your Easter dress! I wish we would've known you were singing, we would've come! Which is probably why you didn't tell us....You got some great pics at the cemetary. Luckily, when you're skinny, you don't have to be all made up to look good in a picture;)

The Blair's said...

I will have to agree with everyone else, the dress is a hit! Who knew Wal-Mart sold something as adorable as that? Congrats on being a grandma with the kittens and thanks for sharing that message about your dad.