Sunday, September 13, 2009


First of all, donut brought us a bird again this morning. Fortunately, I was at stake conference saving us padded seat, so Bryce had to deal with the bird.

I love Halloween. It's my second favorite holiday, second only to Christmans. It's a little jaded because my dad died on October 26th.

I like decorations but like all decorations, Halloween decorations are expensive. So, I again got crafty and creative and have made 2 of my own decoration for a very small amount of money.

The first one is my 'BOO' project. I used 5 wooden slats of wood, orange and black paint, B O O wooden letters, 5 small pottery pots, and 2 premade pumkin things. Here it is.

The are crooked on purpose. I like them that way.

After some polka dots and hot glue, this is my final product. Fun huh.

This is what I'm going to hang on my door for everyone to see. Happy Halloween. This wooden slat is bigger then the other 5, of course.

Ta Da!


Jen said...

Homemade holiday crafts are the best. They are seriously so expensive to but already made.
Plus you have the fun of making them & then admiring your work.

ashley wright said...

love your cutest halloween decor! way to go!

also LOVED your pedicure on the last post :) where do you get them done?

Janeen Cohee said...

Wow so cute! I love it! I need to do some cute things like that!

Cassie said...

that is such a cute idea!

Katielou said...

Wow! So cute Callie!

sherry said...

Love these. Makes me want to start decorating for halloween.