Monday, April 5, 2010

Fergus, Jewellry and burn update.

We are dogsitting for Clargaret for the month of April. Their dog is a boxer named Fergus. Named Fergus because my Buddy remembered my doggie Fergie and named his doggie Fergus.

This dog is like no other dog I've had the pleasure of knowing before. In the sense that he has a will all his own. He does things for himself and himself only. He is not a people pleasing dog. But he is trainable and he is definately a sweetheart. I'm afraid he's landed himself in doggie boot camp here at the Christiansen home. We are whipping him into doggie shape.

He tends to think he's a little lap dog like my doggies. I really like that about him.

He's walking really well, well better, and he is almost calm the second he comes in the house. And we almost never put the shock collar on him anymore. He is a super sweet heart.

Recently the girls at the salon have been into the new chuncky chain necklaces so I decided to take a stab at them. This is just one that I hve made. I really like them I think. We'll see how they sell. Tell me what you think.

And my burnn is much better. It's pretty much back to the same size it was when it first happend. Now it seems like such a small thing. I can show people now and it's kind of like, " um I know it's really small now but I promise I didn't make a mountain out of a mole hill. Yes, I have to wear this compression band for another 6 months."
It's even smaller now. I think tomorroow I am going to post the life cycle of my burn. That will contain the yucky pictures, so i am giving you far warning.


Jen said...

The dog sitting on your Hubby is hilarious:)

LOVE the necklace!!!

Anf thanks for the fair warning on the burn pics! I'm glad it's healing for ya:)

Little Red said...

I had no idea I was getting a two-for-one: dog sitting AND dog training!??! Seriously, I feel really lucky. Thank you guys for doing that. Clark and I are too lazy/clueless to be good dog owners so Fergus is a definitely a work in progress. I hope he's not a huge pain in the butt.
P.S. That necklace is ADORABLE, you've got such talent.