Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just so you know and for future reference

This is the man I married.
Bryce Richard Christiansen

I married him on March 2, 2007 and it was the happiest day of my life. To date. I love him dearly and with all of my heart. 

Even though he tells me he's right all the time and even though I want to rip his head off probably once a day, he is an amazing person and an amazing husband. 

No matter how whiney I get he still loves me. Whether I'm whining about the cold or the heat or family or even him, he still loves me. Oh and he never points out the fact that I am whining. Never. He has also learned to think of me in my whiney times. Even though I am probably on his last nerve he tries to make it better. 

He also puts up with my animals. No he not only puts up with them but he loves them because I love them. 

He is goofy and he makes me laugh. A LOT. Plus the man can put up with anything, He could be surrounded by the most obnoxious people in the world and still find a way to have fun. Even the people annoy the hell out of me he always finds some way to try turn the situation into a positive experience. 

He also deals with all my physical elements. This man married a woman who was fully functional, who could work a 10 hour work day and not even blink, and who could take on the world with pleasure. And now he has a wife who is sick on a constant basis for reasons that he has very little understanding of and yet he is compassionate and loving a comforting. And has never once considered leaving even though I hardly even resemble the woman he fell in love with. 

He loves his family unconditionally and has a fierce loyalty to them. I can't wait to start a family of our own with this man. He is amazingly selfless when it comes to children and can somehow manage to get the most rambunctious little boy to sit still for hours. I've always wanted a little girl first but with this talent of his I am seriously considering a boy first.  
Oh and he doesn't mind looking foolish for a good picture. 

I think part of the reason he is so good with little boys is because he is a total comic book and video game nerd.The top shelve of the shelves in my family room is covered with action figures. I even love this part about him. Surprisingly I can't wait for him to pass on this love to our children. To tell our daughters about the damsels in distress and hero's that come to save them. And teach our little boy about morals and choosing the right with the unique characters from his comic books.

We recently mad a trip to San Francisco. It was a very hectic but enjoyable trip which would not have been possible without my husband. We did a hop on hop off tour of the city so I took my wheel chair. I have to admit I thought he would totally resent me for the fact that he'd have to push me around all day. Up hill and down hill. He also had to fold my wheel chair and carry it on and off the bus every we stopped at a new place on the tour. But there was never a whine, never a face of frustration and never a feeling of resentment. I took the time to thank him for being so good about it and his response was, "It makes it possible for you to be here with me and that makes it totally worth it,". Totally sweet and amazing huh?

Don't get me wrong, no marriage is perfect. And my husband can be a total douche bag sometimes. However, Bryce Richard Christiansen is a truly amazing and good person and husband. Sometimes I get mad and yell at him. I wish I did that less. It's something I'm working on. I love him and am deeply grateful for him. I don't tell him that often enough. 

Honey if you read this, in those times that I am crazy and totally cranky, which is more often then not, please come back to these words and read them. So that you can remember what's in my heart rather then just sick cranky me. I am a lucky woman to have you and I will also come back to these words so that I can remember how lucky I am.  

I love you!