Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Lovely at a Time

The other day I was feeling particularly sorry for myself. I thought what can I do to feel better? Then I stumbled upon this blog. And I thought it was a fantastic idea. I have always said that one thing that always makes me feel better is doing something for someone else. So I've decided to start the, One Lovely At A Time project and I'd like your help dear readers. 

How it works- I will pick someone who is going through something particularly hard right now. Then I will send them something lovely. 

I don't know about you but when I'm having a hard time, receiving a gift from someone and knowing that someone else is thinking of me always makes me feel better. So I am going to be the giver and the thinker now, to try and help someone else feel better.

The something Lovely - For this I thought of the things I can create. I can make beautiful jewelry and jewelry will probably be the most used lovely. I can also paint and create lots of crafts. So one of those may be the lovely that I send.  

What I'd like from you - Nominations and generosity. If you know of someone who is going through a particularly hard time right now, I'd like to know about it. Email me ( ) with their story and maybe they will be the next in line to receive a lovely. I'd also like you to help with the lovely's. You can either send me a sentiment or a happy message to include along with the lovely. Or send me something to help me create the lovely. IE- beads, or bead findings, or canvas or a craft of your very own that I can send as the lovely. Even if you could offer up a talent such as sewing, it would be greatly appreciated. 

The first person and the first lovely - I have chosen this wonderful lady, to be the first recipient of a lovely. She recently lost her little lady bug Ella back to her loving father in heaven. Please read her story. 

I will be making a beautiful necklace with this lovely gem along with a lady bug charm. The front is a picture of the temple and the back says, " the best things in life are FOREVER". The perfect sentiment I think, for her situation. 
I have not yet purchased a little lady bug charm so if you find one and would like to send it to me I would greatly appreciate it. 

Once I have completed the necklace I will take a picture, to share with you dear readers and will send it to the lovely Amy. I would really like to do this once a month so please email me with people you know who could use a lovely. Also every lovely is better with sentiments from others so if you'd like to send a card to go along with the lovely, email me and I will give you my address. 

With help form you, dear readers we may be able to share a lovely as often as once a week and help someone feel better. I'd love to be able to do that. If you'd like to send me some beads or offer your services to make a lovely please email me. If you do send or offer something you will of course be mentioned and services or other generosities will be pictured on my blog. 

I will also send a card with every lovely with my own sentiments and love to the recipient. Hopefully I can include your sentiments and love with my own. 

Please dear reader, help me make others feel better with One Lovely At A Time.

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