Monday, July 7, 2008


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain."

Oh life, don't you love it? Right now I do. If you know me you've probably heard my saying, which is, We were sent to this earth to suffer. At times I feel it is just a simple statement. We suffer and that's our purpose here on earth, to suffer, that's all. Other times, most of the time, when I am thinking rationally and not emotionally. I know that life is good. Without pain there would be no pleasure, without disapointment there would be no joy, without hard there wouldn't be easy, without frustration there would be no satisfaction, without work there would be no progress, without experiencing sadness we couldn't experience happiness, without lonliness we couldn't know love. Life is hard. If anyone gets that, it's me. But....I know good, I have felt pleasure, joy and satisfaction, I have had times of extreme happiness, and I have a knowledge of perfect love. I am grateful for all. Especially my mother and my husband and the rest of my family. Thank you.

( I did steal the picture and quote from a friends blog. Forgive me.)

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sherry said...

Good point. Dig the pic.