Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wonderful new car

In April of 2007 I was in a car accident. After the car accident my husband and I bought a 2002 Nissan Sentra. My husband was driving an 86 Honda civic. It shortly died so he drove the Nissan and I drove whatever car was available in my family. We have been living that way for a year. I was driving my mother's Toyota Camry, but she gets home from her mission in Germany in 2 weeks. Yay! Anyways, I finally decided it was neccesary to get another car. We were putting it off until we got a settlement from the car accident. You see, in the car accident my seatbelt didn't catch and I was 4 day post-op. So I was pretty hurt. It's been a year now that my lawyer has been dealing with the scummy insurance company. Now, I still have to get a surgery and then after the surgery we should be able to settle. So, we bought a car and plan on paying it off within the next year with settlement money. Luckily I have a friend who knew a guy on the inside at Earnhardt. So I called and told him we wanted either a Honda Fit or a Nissan Versa. They didn't have any Fit's so we went with the Versa. I love it. There was Only one in all of Arizona. Because of the economy all the little, good gas mileage vehicles are hard to find. Anyways, our guy on the inside made it so that we got the vehicle at $100 over invoice. I actually got to look at the invoice. We bought the car, tax, title and license, and bought the gap insurance, and extra warranty and tire and some other insurance and still paid less than the sticker price. You know, the price on the little sheet in the window. Isn't that awesome? We got all the options even. It's great. We got a fabulous loan from Desert Schools too. Only 5.5% interest. The loan person told us that it's great that we plan on paying off the loan in a short time but that it would be good for us to let it go for a year and a half. Apparently having that kind of credit background is good for buying a house. So that's what we're going to do. We're just going to pay more then what's necessary each month so that we can pay down the principal and be done in a year and a half. We both have really good credit but why not make it a little better. Anyways, we love our new car. Here are some pictures. The only difference is that mine has cruise control and the radio buttons on the steering wheel.


Little Red said...

That's so awesome! Congrats. I totally wanted a versa (heard AMAZING things about the gas mileage) but its way too small for our growing family. I'm sure you're gonna love it.

Dan and Jannalee Evans and Family said...

Callie, that is so great! What a cute car. It will be so nice to drive to work every day in such a nice car that gets great mileage.