Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

Lexi, Cassie'ss oldest Lexi hiding behind Cassie's legs

Laney and Brandon

Miranda and Zanya

Bryce with alot of the kids
Dan and Hanna sparring

Mitchel and Connor

The oldest nieces. Awesome and gorgeous!
Zephyr we took some family pics.
Me and Bryce

jumping shot of the girls

All the nieces and nephws that were present All the Proffitt chicas Proffitt children minus 2.Awesome faces on some of us


Katielou said...

Those are awesome pictures! You guys are all so attractive! How did that happen? I like the one of you and Bryce.

Jenny Johnson said...

Your family is crazy huge!! Holy cow!! It's weird seeing everyone all grown up.