Monday, November 23, 2009

Jewelry prices

Okay blogging friends. I am going to try to sale my jewelry again. I would like to know what you would pay for it? Price for a necklace, price for a bracelt and price for earing? Also a little discounted price for a complete set, necklace, bracelet and earings? Here are some samples of my work.

Long black set.

Black bling

Grey set

Brown and cream set

Black cameo set

Black heart set

Brown set

Blue set

The economy sucks right now so I need honest opinions of what you would pay not flattering opinions of what you would pay. Thank you! Oh and feed back is always welcome.


Janeen Cohee said...

I'd have to say the long black set is my favorite (the first one) and i don't know how much it costed to make all of that but for me to afford to buy jewelery it would have to be around 20 for the necklace... i know... that's cheap. but my aunt sells her necklaces for 50 so i think if you want to get good business i would sell them for 30 or 40! and then the earrings and bracelets for a little less. anyways... hope that helped!

Little Red said...

Hmm, this probably horribly cheap of me but I'd pay between 20 and 30. I absolutely LOVE them... let me know once you're selling.

Dave and Rachel said...

i agree with these girls too. I love the jewelry!!!!!

The Boothes said...

I am probably more on the cheap end too. I would say like 25 for the necklace, 15 a bracelet, 10 for earrings.
Then I would go anywhere from 40-45 dollars for the set. They are super cute Callie!!! Keep me updated!

Jayme said...

I love it too! The first set is my fav.