Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Pictures

We (Margaret) took some family photos on Thanksgiving. If you check any of my siblings blogs then you've probably already seen these. If not, then here is just 3. There were probably at least 100 more taken but I don't have them. Everyone was there except my brother Jacob and his family, which consists of 6 and my other brother Russell/USOS and his family of 4-5.

This is just the chicas. All the girls were there so we got a picture of my mom withh all of us.From left to right and top to bottom.
Me(Callie Christiansen), Rebecca, Jannalee, Joy, Wendy, My mom, Cassie and Sherry. For those of you who wonder what my twin sister looks like she's on the bottom left, Cassie. You can't see the 4 inch hieght difference with her laying down at least.
My mom and all but 2 of her kids and our spouses. Again from left to right and top to bottom. Brandon, Cassie. Sherry, Dan, Jannalee. Wendell, Greg, Rebecca, Joy, Dave, Mom, Kim, Wendy, Margaret. Clark, Brianne, Me(callie) and Bryce. Cassie and Brandon are together. Jan and Dan are together. Wendell andd Sherry are together. Joy and Dave are together. Kim and Wendy are together. Clark and Margaret are together. Spencer and Brianne are together and Bryce and I are together. Oh, and my mom is looking for a good man so If you know someone send me an email. Missing are Jacob, Melissa, Russ and Tiff.

And this is all of us minus 11. 50 in the picture and 60 total.
No, I am not really bad at math. I didn't count my mom's mom in the 60 but she is in the picture. 59 human lives due to one woman and that's just so far. Suprisingly we all still love eachother. Most of the time anyways. 9 out of my moms 11 children live right here is Arizona.
I've decided that I want 2 possibly 3 kids. 3 is pushing it. Or maybe just a family of animals and babysitting all my nieces and nephews. Hmmm... We'll see.

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Little Red said...

Man oh man, do I love this family. Couldn't ask for a better one.