Thursday, November 5, 2009

My computer is back.

So, a few weeks ago I got some pretty nasty virus's on my computer and it was totally unusable. Well, I took it to my good friend of mine who also happens to be a computer GENIOUS and he fixed it for me. Now, it's just like the day I bought it. You never need computer help, contact me and I'll give you his number. The dude can do anything and fix anything when it comes to computer.

So Because my computer has been gone I am going to catch you up. Alot of pictures cause alot has happen.

October 26th marked my dad's 4 year death day. Some of my family decide to have a picnic at the Cemetary. 5 out of the 7 girls came and my mom and some kids.

The kiddo's checking out grandpas picture.
Brenley to sherry, "hey mom, I just found a picture of grandpa over there.....and grandma's in it too!", it was funny.
Tiny Queenie walkin around like she's so big. And so cute!
Addie got attacked by ants. I caught this priceless face on camera.

Food and family. What could be better?
Then came HALLOWEEN! We had a party at our place Halloween night. I was a pink and black witch and see if you can guess what Bryce was.

We lit a pumkin of fire. This has been declared as a new Halloween tradition. We soak a roll of toilet paper in carosene. Then we put the roll in the pumpkin and light it. It's pretty cool.

A few of the guests. We probably had 20-30 people there but I was usually busy so I didn't take too many pictures.

My side of the family got together that afternoon for lunch. Potato, pumpkin and sausage soup. Along with cornbread, frech bread, chip & dip, and caramel apples. Oh, and olives.
The kiddos carving pumpkins. With some help from Bryce.Miranda

Yucky pumpkin guts

Riley. Isn't that face irresistable?

Clark and Margaret.

Mama G, dressed up like an 'old woman'

So cute Zanya


Booker. Isn't that the best 'Cheese' you've ever seen?

Now this.....
Is what cats are for. Me and mom found this on the back porch one morning. We are curious if one of the cats caught it in a surrounding field or in the hous. My mom " doesn't like the idea of mice in the house".

New brown set of jewelry that I made. It needs earings but I couldn't find my head and eye pins that were this burnt gold color.

I took this picture to prove I'm a natural blonde. But I do still color it. See that first inch-inch and a half is an ugly grey blonde and then the pretty golden blonde I dye it too.

That's it for now.

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sherry said...

LOVE the new brown jewelry. Not sure why Bren has her hands in her pants in that pic. You may want to take it off...I have the cutest pic of you and Riley on my blog. you should steal it.