Monday, November 23, 2009


I think that because of my inability to control so many things in my life, I have become a bit OCD with the things I can control.

Such as folding laundry must be done is at least 10 different piles., my garment bottoms and tops, bryce's garment bottoms and tops, my hang up clothes, his hangup clothes with skirts and sweatshirts in their own piles, my pants in their coordinated piles and his pants and shorts in coordinated piles. Clothes in the closet on my side go in the order of dresses, skirts, and then tshirts. Pants on the shelves are in 5 piles, blacks, kakis, jeans, all other colors and comfy pants oh and leggings. My husbands clothes go, dress pants, button up collared shirts, polo's then plain tshirts. Then on the bottom pole is all our winter tops, mine on the left and Bryce's on the right. My bed must be made starting and ending on the same side every morning. The tags on my bed sheets must always be on the lower right hand corner of the bed. Showers go, Shampoo, condition, clean body while conditioner sits on hair and then face and if I am shaving my legs it's left leg first then right. The bathroom is cleaned the same way every time. Counter, toilet, tub mirrors then floor. It makes me nervous if my mom tries to help sometimes and does it differently. And the projects I work on are done in sets of 8. Pretzels dipped in chocolate get counted in sets of 8. I fold towels at work in sets of 8. Bites or sips or steps are done in sets of 8. I think it's because I was a dancer. Sometimes it's, "1and2and3and4 5and6and7and8" when I speed up the tempo.

Should I worry about this?


Cara said...

I totally have some of the same idiosyncrasis. Not so much with cleaning (because I hate to clean) but with the whole showeing thing I am the exact same way! I think it only becomes a problem when it interferes with your life in a negative way.

Janeen Cohee said...

Ha Ha! that's is so funny to read! no you shouldn't worry! I'm the same way too! I mean... I'm not totally OCD but every Monday is clean day and I do the same exact thing every single monday... kinda of like you! And the shower thing is about the same except I start with the right leg first! Ha Ha! I think that almost everyone is that way in their OWN little ways! I think it's awesome!

Megan said...

I don't think so either- I totally have little tics like that. I always have to put my left shoe on first, I do the left leg in the shower first too, and my shower routine is always the same. I also have the cleaning the bathroom routine thing- it always has to be done in the same order.