Friday, January 1, 2010

Downing House

Do any of you have a childhood home? You know, a house that you spent most of your childhood in? I did. It was at 1752 E. Downing Cir. Mesa, AZ 85203 and the phone number was 835-7792. For some reason I will never forget those. My dreams still take place in that house. I met my 2 of my best friends in that house. I still keep in touch with both. One lived 2 doors down and one was just down the street and around the corner. I lived in that house for 13 + years. My family refers to it as the Downing house. It had a big pool and big back yard. We swam almost every day in the summer and had pool parties. It was the greatest back yard ever. Anyways, my downing house burned down this morning.

A child left a projector on in the basement and it overheated. He woke up with the projector burning his leg and everyone got out of the house safely. But nothing else made it out.

News people were there. We followed channel 10 in this morning.

The street was blocked, so we parked and I had a convo with the cops and firemen and police men and they let me right on through.
The firemen then asked me several questions about the layout of the house. Channel 10 asked if they could put me on camera but never did.
There was water and foam all the way down the street.

Once they found out it had a basement they wouldn't let a soul set foot inside and they prettty much had to just let it burn. Too dangerous. So nothing but the people made it out and everything burned.

When they turned the water off it didn't stop so everything then flooded. There was water and foam all the way down the street.
All the pretty details outside are all due to my family. The pretty wooden door my mom had always wanted.The pretty bay window.

The swingset my mom made my dad cement into the ground to keep us safe.

The covered front porch with victorian posts to complete it. Eventually a swing hung there and we would sit and watch all the monsoons. I would call my neighbor 2 doors down and tell him to meet me on my swing so I could poor my heart out. The shutters my mom hung on the windows.
I spoke to the neighbors who still live next door.

It looks small now but it was 4200 square feet of house, perfect for a family of 13. And almost a quarter of an acre of land. I will always remember the downing house and my dreams will probably always take place there. RIP Downing house.


Spence said...

RIP indeed. I've been getting messages from my friends about how they love that house. And I always thought it was almost 1/3 acre. That yard was huge!

Jenny Johnson said...

My parents told me about this today, I almost cried. I had so many memories in that house. RIP for sure. It was definitely a great party house.

Megan said...

What awesome memories to have. Sorry to see it go.