Monday, March 22, 2010

Update on Colt

So, Colt has been with my good friends for a week now. He was taken to the vet and has no chip. I also have not recieved any phone calls in regards to him. He is doing very well at his new home. He is walking a  leash pretty well. He's a bit timid at first still but once he's going, he's good. My friend still had to carry him into the vets office though. She said he wouldn't get more then 5 feet from the door but has a clean bill of health. She said now that he's settled in he behaves more like a puppy. Chewing his bones and digging holes in the back yard. Which is just fine for now because their back yard isn't landscaped at all. He gets to play with his doggy inlaws and my friends brother comes and plays with him too. She says they love and adore him and that she knows he was sent just for them. She also says her husband is a  little jealous of the fact that colt likes her more. They can't wait for her husband to become a canine police man so that colt will have a friend to play with. Oh how I love a happy ending!

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