Monday, August 22, 2011

California 2011

California 2011. I know, It's about time. Here are a bunch of pictures from the proffitt family vacation this year. I didn't get even 1 picture of Bryce and I. 

Ike and booker
Mitchell, Miranda and Seaver
Ike, Miranda, Mitchell, Seaver and Andria
Same group plus booker
Seaver, Miranda and Andria
Zanya and Mitchell
Jan with Baby Asher. He was a crown pleaser. 
Booker and Ike
Sherry and Abbigail AKA Queenie
Hanna and Queenie. She just got right off her moms lap and right onto Hanna's
My mom and Ron. I must say Ron did really well for his first year. It takes everyone who marries into our family a while to get used to our kind of vacation. We literally just sit on the beach all day. 
Laney, following her mom. I got her to talk to me once. But only after I started making animal noises. 
Baby asher. 
the teens and Dan
Brandon in the hat. He dug holes. The kids loved it. 
Lexi and Addie are always the best of friends. Laney jumped in the picture too. 
funny story about Lexi and Addie.
While at the campground walking together and chatting..
Addie- she just took my kitty. It's okay for now but I want my kitty back. I like my kitty. She's a cute kitty. I take her with me all the time. Abbigail stole her though, that's why I don't have her.....
Lexi-(flailng her hands for emphasis) Addie, forget about the kitty
It totally cracked me up. Loved it.

Bryce and some kids. Dax and trigg trying to play one of the big kid games together. 
Hanna and Danica working on their tan.
Joy and Dave
Wendell. Ha Ha
Cassie and Laney
The kids in one of Brandons sweet holes.
My awesome new beach bag at work. Breazy usually carried it to the beach which made it that much better. 
Sand dollars that seaver found. We're a sand dollar family. It started with my mom. She used to collect them. Now all the kids search the beach for them and then show them off. There were a ton this year. 
Daves sand sculpture this year.
A "sand"which. Get it. Funny.
Kinsey doing Tates hair. It was a dare. One of my nieces found a truth or dare app, so we played. 
I love this trip. It is the perfect vacation. You don't have to be anywhere or do anything, you just get to sit on the beach with the ocean air, a good book and entertaining children. It was a great time. So glad Bryce could make it this year.

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