Sunday, August 7, 2011

My sweet Pepper and Izzy

I have one friend form high school that I still see regularly. I hope I continue to see her regularly for the rest of my life. She is one of my favorite woman and somehow I think she will always be able to put up with me.  Her name is Ashley and she recently gave birth to beautiful identical twin girls. Today they was their blessing. Their father, Corey, did a beautiful job. I will have those blessing typed up soon Ashley and Corey. I promise. 

Anyways, Here are their gorgeous girls. Izzy and Pepper. Izzy on the left, Pepper on the Right. 

Izzy. She's a little smaller and she has two little dimples on one cheek. 

She's a little bigger and I hope I can always tell these sweet babies apart. I'm afraid I'll only be able to when they're side by side. 

Proud grandparents. Ashley's mom and dad. 

Pretty Grandma

Handsome Grandpa. He always has a look of pure joy on his face when holding one of his sweet grand daughters. 

 Happy mom and dad withe their wonderful babies. 

I fed Pepper and then changed her out of her blessing gown. She was wide awake and enthralled as I told her how pretty she was. 

Me and Pepper. 

When I talk to them I tell them I am their aunt Callie. Not by blood maybe but I love these girls and their mother as much as my sisters and nieces. I hope I can spoil them and can do their hair for prom and tell them fun stories about their mom and I. I love you Izzy and Pepper. 

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J. Cohee said...

Ooooh my gosh!!! Everytime I see pictures of those 2 girls I just drool like a kid over candy! They are so so so adorable! You are lucky that you get to be their "aunt"