Friday, August 5, 2011

Thought that I can't post on facebook.

What most people consider as a problem with women I think of like this. Most of us, women, can't not contemplate things further. Someone does or says something hurtful (on purpose or not) and it keeps us up at night, makes us sad, angry or hurt. Then we're tired and frayed. Emotionally and mentally. Then we are emotional and bring things up that matter to us but maybe not to you. And you push it and us aside as crazy, irrational or overly emotional. But God made us that way on purpose. So that when our kid scrapes their knee, we remember to get neosporin in the morning. so that we can understand and empathize with others. So that we can teach our children not to do things that keep others up at night.

For those of you  who will read this and automatically relate it to my husband or something that he may or may not have done, please don't. There are other people in this world who can have an affect on m thoughts.

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