Thursday, March 6, 2008

So Cute

This is my little neice, Lexi. Her middle name is the same as mine. Isn't she so cute?

I love this one with all the little feet. It's so dang cute.

This is my twin sister cassie and her husband and their daughter Lexi. Still so cut

Okay, so, I have this super talented sister in law named margaret. She designs really awesome cards. Like, Christmas cards, baby announcements and she even did my wedding announcement. They are all so cute. Here are some of her products. If you like them you can visit her new website, to order whatever you want. I will see if I can find one of my wedding announcements and post it too.

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Scott & Jen said...

Random- Brian & Tarah are my auncle & aunt! & those adoarble boys are my cousins- i teach Davis in preschool. Way Fun!