Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kitten update

These are some of the cutes kitties I have ever seen. Having grown up with a mother who found it hard to say no to animals I have seen a cat give birth about 4 times and have had several cats who had kittens but this is probably the most beautiful litter I have had. All of these kitties have little ewok faces. They are super cuddly too, as you can tell. 3 are still up for grabs so if anyone wants a super cute kitten for the holidays here are some cute ones.


sherry said...

They are unusually cute kittens. Can I bring the kids over sometime to see them? Even though we are not going to adopt one;) Next time we have family dinner, do you want to make those brownie bites? They look fabulous! Yum

Spence said...

those are terribly cute kittens. If we didn't already have four (one of whom is about to lose an eye, costing us a fortune in vet bills) we'd totally take one *sigh*