Monday, October 27, 2008

Looking for a new Job

I am currently looking for a new part time job so that I can work more at the salon, my first and one true working love. If you know of anything or have any ideas, please let me know.


ashwes said...

Hey call- I hope you find a part time job so you can still do hair; especially because you love it so much! i totally understand! I miss doing hair at the salon(its not the same doing hair in your kitchen as it is at TANTRUM!) i read your last post about october and Im so sorry that its been difficult. I really hope it gets better- It always seems that "when it rains, it pours", for some reason. YOure such an awesome girl and you deserve to be happy :) love ya callie and good luck with the job hunt!!!

Megan Lewis said...

Hey Girl,
Have you thought of selling pampered chef? I know you love to cook, you are good with people, and also you choose when to hold the parties.
Good luck hunting, I always hate looking for jobs!!