Thursday, October 2, 2008

My poor baby

So, tuesday I stayed home from work to see my OBGYN again (sat in that office for 6 hours. I don't want to talk about it) and while I was home I got to spend some quality time with my first born child. During this time I found that he was behaving quite oddly. My usually happy, loving snuggly monty was very lethargic and didn't seem to want to move much and was actually licking his butt. I know your thinking, " all dogs lick their butts" but not this dog. He is not a but licker. By that night I was really worried and told my husband he had to take him to the vet the next morning. My husband didn't question me at all, he was absolutely wonderful and got him in at 10:30 the next morning. Apparently my monty had an absess on his booty that had opened up and they needed to put him under to cut it out. Yuck. For those of you who are not chihuahua owner here is some insight. Chihuahua have these glands in there booty's that fill up with a very itchy fluid that need to be popped regularly otherwise this is the consequence. If you see them scooting there bum on the floor it means it's time to get them sqeezed. Normally, I take my chi's in about every 3 months and get them popped and never had any problems. It takes like 5 minutes and costs about $9. When this happend I realized I hadn't taken him in, in over a year. Poor guy. So now he has this open wound on his bum. They open it up and let it clean and heal itself, they don't stitch it up. My monty is a big weeny. We put the cone on him to stop him from licking and he did not stop whining. The little weeny won't even walk he stays in Fergie's pink bed all day long. He's such a girlie man.


Bryce Christiansen said...

You should post a picture of what his butt looks like.

Scott 'n Jen said...

Poor little guy!
I have never heard of such a thing- I'm glad i don't have to deal w/ that w/ my dogs.

P.S. the kittens are way cute too!

Rebecca said...

That is so totally gross and disgusting. Yuck! Maybe you should just put him out of his misery. If I ever thought about getting a dog (not a chance) the chances just got smaller. Ewwwww.