Monday, November 10, 2008

Time Out For Women

I am lucky enough to have a most Wonderful sister in law named Margaret who let me know when and where this is event was this year. I've always seen women in my ward carrying around bags that say "Time Out For Women" on them. I've asked what it was and was always aswered with the most amazing responses. So, I decided to buy my ticket and go. It was wonderful. It was exactly what I needesd. This particular one was " Time Out For Women and Girls" so there were quite a few young women as well. I went with the idea that this was for me and me alone. I would spend whatever money I wanted to spend on things that would bring me joy because this was for me. I have decided to attend the event everytime is comes to Arizona or the state that I am living in at the time. My wonderful sister in law Margaret also went with 3 women friends from her Tucson ward and she brought her new baby Teichert as well. I got to hold, love and cuddle him all day. It was icing on the cake. I loved it. I bought 4 books.
This is the book that I have decided to read first. It's all about Wife do's and don'ts. So far so good.

My two favorite things were Jeny Jordan Frogley, the singer. I bought her CD with a bonus CD. 2 CD's for the price of one, what could be better. I love it. I think my favorite song right now is I leave the Harbor. Go to and check it out.

My other favorite was this guy. His name is John Hilton III. He was great. He spoke on "The Scriptures and You". It was definately what I needed to hear. He was hilarious too. I bought his book 'Please Pass the Scriptures'.
Tickets are already on sale for next years event. It's only $38 and you get a free bag and all you can get of spiritual comfort. Go here to register for next year. I believe it's the weekend of October 8th and 9th.


Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

Hey! It was fun to hear from you. I loved the description of yourself, as if I wouldn't remember who you were. Haha. Are you forgetting that we talked not too long ago. You know, when Mele and I styled for Mark Mabry and you guys did the hair... Glad you had a great time at the Time Out For Women.

sherry said...

I had so much fun last year, and am in for next year with you! I would love to borrow those books when you are done with them!;)