Wednesday, November 26, 2008

100 Things that make me happy

I got this idea from a friends blog. I thought I'd give it a go just to prove that I may actually have one positive bone in my body.

  1. My mom
  2. My husband
  3. The smell of rain
  4. The smell of dough
  5. Being able to spend a day baking anything that my heart so desires
  6. My puppies.
  7. Knowing that I have my little snuggle bug Fergie who is always happiest and content being in the middle of whatever I am doing. Whether it be sleeping or folding laundry she has to be in my lap.
  8. Having a phone, a cell phone, that I absolutely love and am happy with.
  9. Pay day
  10. $3 sales at Walmart.
  11. Apple bran muffins from Starbucks
  12. So Delicious Yorgurt
  13. Naked Movie Night's with my husband. ( I reccomend these to everyone), (married that is)
  14. My neices and nephews
  15. LDS Family Services.
  16. The SOLE program at LDS family services. SOLE stands for Survivors Of Life Experiences.
  17. My twin sister
  18. Beth Jarmen. She is a role model to me. I have no idea how one women can have it so together and stay so positive and so rockin awesome.
  19. Heather Harris Torriente. A crazy friend who was and is a sounding board when I need one.
  20. My mother in law. One of the mose unselfish human being that I know.
  21. Jacob Proffitt. The oldest member of my siblings whom I rarely see.
  22. Jannalee Evans. Homemaker in carnate.
  23. Rebecca Garn. Will always tell you like it is when it is whether it hurts or not. Which, I have come to find to be a wonderful thing.
  24. Wendy Proffitt. Always interesting and a source of contemplati0n.
  25. Joy Dunyon. Bleeding heart and caring of everyone around her, whether they deserve it or not.
  26. Sherry Macnab. Just for being Sherry.
  27. Spencer Proffitt. One of the many genius's in my family despite the wonderful heritage of ADD in my family.
  28. Clark Proffitt. For being a positive male role model in my life.
  29. Cassie Proffitt. For always falling asleep in my bed and being afraid of sharks in the carpet.
  30. My Pillow. Those of you who know me have also met the pillow.
  31. My father in law. A wonderful provider and responsible and Temple worthy male Role model
  32. Todd Stoker.
  33. The smell of Sexy for men by Victoria Secret when my husband hugs me.
  34. Watching a movie at Harkins with my hubby there enjoying it with me. Even through movie's light Twilight. He's a trooper.
  35. $1.89 per gallon for gas.
  36. My family recipe of Homade Apple Pie. There's is no Apple Pie that even comes close to it.
  37. Cheese. Any kind of cheese. Chedder, pepper Jack, feta, Blue cheese, Cottage cheese, I love it all.
  38. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks.
  39. Sweatshirts. I love a hoodie. Especially one of my husbands.
  40. Wearing one of my husband's button up T-shirts to bed.
  41. Baking.
  42. Feeling rested.
  43. Reaching my goal weight.
  44. Driving my new Nissan Versa.
  45. Do hair. I love doing hair. I will always love doing hair.
  46. My in laws.
  47. Melissa Proffitt. A whiz with a gaming dice.
  48. Dan Proffit. A huge help with Taxes.
  49. Greg Garn. Always there to shave down a tooth, fix a retainer, burn a canker sore, or give you Thweet t-shirts.
  50. Kim Proffitt. Congenial to everyone.
  51. Dave Dunyon. Always dependable and willing to lend a helping hand. Even at 5:30 in the morning.
  52. Wendell Macnab. The only in law who can fix my air conditioning.
  53. Brianne Proffitt. The most beautiful natural hair and always a pleasure to be around.
  54. Margaret Proffitt. Says kind and thoughtful words exactly when you need to hear them. Awesome at art, illistration and card making. Check out her site at She does awesome Christmas Cards.
  55. Brandon Wernli. You ever need to reference a scripture verse a purse from New York, he's your man.
  56. My husband's Concentration face.
  57. My mom when she quotes the Simpson's and doesn't even know it. " I'll stupid you"
  58. Mama Ginger. " You know who I am talking to."
  59. Katie Christiansen. One day to be a famous Videographer.
  60. Babys. I love to hold them and then give them back to there parents.
  61. booker bean. He's my buddy.
  62. The smell of Small Talk.
  63. Colors. Especially the ones I'm into at the time.
  64. High heels. When I only have to where them for 3 hours
  65. Pedicures. One of life's simple pleasures.
  66. Dr. Randal Craig. The geatest Endocrinologist in all of time.
  67. Gastric bypass. If done for the right reasons and not taken for granted.
  68. Health insurance.
  69. Tantrum Hair Salon and Everyone who works there.
  70. Mack Fenn. The greatest boss this world will ever know.
  71. Pink.
  72. Purified Water. I love yummy water. Best Water in my opinion so far, Voss. Try it.
  73. $.99 french fries.
  74. Tropical Smoothie. Their smoothies have no lactose products, therefore I can drink them
  75. Nioxin. The greatest Hair pill out there. That's right, I said hair pill.
  76. Phenergan. My life saver for the past 4 months.
  77. Robaxin, the greatest pain pill that I can take because I have become allergic to opiets. Who ever invented Central Nervous Systems supressants is a genious.
  78. Pump up stylist chairs for those of us who are vertically challenged.
  79. My husband. Good enough to be on here twice.
  80. My mom, alos makes the list twice
  81. and my pillow, top 3 things in my life people.
  82. A paycheck that pays the bills.
  83. A brilliant husband who will get whatever job he so desires.
  84. Surgeons.
  85. Anasthesiologists. (sp)
  86. Short bread cookies.
  87. Any baked goods containing pumpkin and the corresponding spices.
  88. My mom's spaghetti recipe. ( I think I'll make some when I get home.)
  89. Uncle Ben's 90 second Whole Grain rice.
  90. Organic anything.
  91. Pasta.
  92. Chocolate.
  93. Chocolate oranges.
  94. the perfect fudgy brownies which I have mastered. Thank you, thank you very much.
  95. The cute and funny things that children say.
  96. Responsible well behaved teenagers.
  97. My uncle eddie and aut April. My favorite aunt and uncle.
  98. The perfect hair color.
  99. Being Healthy.
  100. Reading old friends and family blogs.
  101. My dad who taught me, whether he meant to or not, several of life's many lessons.
  102. My dad's smiling face.
  103. Know exactly where my dad is today.
  104. My dad, Thomas Proffit. One of the greates attorney's.
  105. Reading books.
  106. Jane Austin Novels
  107. Discovering a new writer that I love.
  108. Reading my moms books.

Sorry, I couldn't stop.


sherry said...

What a great idea around Thanksgiving! How fun. And who is the new author you enjoy?

beth ann said...

girl you make me blush...thanks for being thankful... ps wow i made it before Phenergan, that is something:)

Bryce Christiansen said...

I think you put health on there a couple times. Poor girl.