Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We have moved on from bunnies to pigeons

So, Donut has been us buunies all summer, but now that they are no longer babies she has graduated to pigeons. That's right, she's now bringing me birds. Fortunately the 2 she has brought me, so far, were also 'share the kill' gifts. Which means that she brings them to me pretty much unharmed so that I can kill them. Instead I take them outside and throw them in the air and watch them fly away. Let's hope they can all fly away.

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marcie said...

haha that is so gross... and funny! Our cat would always bring birds up to our garage door and drop them right in front of the door... as if we should be proud of her for killing them, animals are funny :) hope you're doing good Callie its been a while