Saturday, August 15, 2009

turtle number 3 for the Dunyons.

So my sister Joy has a big Sulcata tortoise. They've had it since their oldest son Tate was a little kid. It's name is Chomper and it's rather large now. Well, for the past few years my sister and her family wanted another sulcata tortoise so that chomper could have a friend.
My mom thought it would make a good Christmas present. If you don't know, Sulcata tortoises can be expensive. Chomper would probably go for about $300 now and hatchlings usually go for around $75. Fortunately, I seem to have a fairly easy time finding these things for a good price.
So, my mom bought chomper a friend about 2 or 3 years ago and a neighbor girl lost it. It was a tiny hatchling and she let him out and didn't keep an eye on him so we lost it. So, about a year ago they got another one and about a month ago that one died. So I went looking again. This time they wanted one a little older and I happend to find one that was close to a year old and here it is. Isn't he handsome? When me and my mom picked him up the first thing we noticed was how handsome he was. I got a really good deal on him too.

Let's hope this one sticks around long enough to meet Chomper.

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Natalie said...

I love turtles! I've always wanted one! Anyway, about the coupons... it costs $15/ month for the website subscritption (they're the ones who do all the hard work of matching up sales with coupons) and $18.50/ month for the AZ Republic and I get 3 Sunday papers (so you can more of the same coupons). So that's $33.50/ month. Just tell him that you'd save way more than that on your first & second shopping trips. I promise! :)