Saturday, August 15, 2009

No more babies for Donut

I was finally able to get Donut fixed. Its a good thing I made her 2 consecutive appointments for Mon and Tues morning because she totally evaded me Monday morning. My cat is a total dog. I took her to the vet and there were like 6 dogs in there. One was an 85 pound English Lab. Donut and the lab became best friends. I even opened the top door to her crate and let them sniff eachother. I left it open after that. With 6 big dogs she did great. Then a woman brought in a female cat and Donut started growling. Not hissing or Meowing, Growling. It was hilarious. Even the vet tech commented on it.

This is what Donut looked like all day after her surgery. It was quite funny.

They did it Laprascopically so this was the only little incision she had.
She's a baby. The vet told Bryce, when he picked her up, that because she would be drugged for 3 days that she'd be cranky and take her aggression out on us. They obviously didn't know our donut very well. She was all love and affection. And played with as many of hair ties that I'd let her have.

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Spence said...

Kudos! I'm so glad you finally got it done. The unborn kitties thank you.