Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adventures with Bigby- Tubing down the river

I love this dog. Sometimes he drives me crazy but most of the time, I adore him. 

For the 4th of July we decided to go tubing down the river. We also decided to take Bigby with us. Yes the 4 hour trip of tubing down the river with out dog. Our very big dog. We took a tube for him but he had no idea how to be on it so he with me on my tube the whole time. He was the hit of the river. We don't have any pictures cause cameras/phones and water don't really get along. Here are some random pictures.

Bigby napping with me. 

He did so good. He was so chill and just layed on me and everyone who saw him had to say hi and thought he was just the best dog ever. I was brimming with pride. 

Bigby chilling/gaming with his dad.

We stopped at the 2 hour mark to re apply sunblock and re situate out tube lay out. Bigby jumped off me and relieved himself and then proceeded to play in the river. He was in doggie heaven. 

My big lap dog. It was hard for me to finally make him ride in the back seat.

Bigby loved to play against the current. I recently have been training Bigby to retrieve his ball under water. Holding his ball down and making him dunk his head to get his ball. Well, at the river he loved to dunk his head in the running water and come up shaking his head. I didn't even have his ball he was just playing in the water. He was having a ball. He'd even go where he couldn't touch the bottom and swim against the current. That worried me. I kept a close eye. But I didn't have to, he is so smart. He knew just a little way to the side was solid ground. 

Bigby, tired after emptying his toy box. 

People were amazed at how good he was. Bryce and Yousif did have to "save" him twice. Twice I ran into something and my tube went out from under us and Bigby baled. It was our first time. We learned from it. 

How Bigby roles.

The second half of the river went totally smooth. It was awesome. Thanks to yousif for keeping us from hitting anything else. Bigby is my guy. I love him. 

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Jen said...

Such a good dog! I'm am truly so glad you guys are loving him so much :)

I Love little blessings like that!