Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday evening Bryce and I decided to get off our tired sick butts and take Bigby to go sit y and play in the river. I grabbed our beach blanket and put of my swimsuit and we left. 

Bigby loved it! He loved the water. He soaked my blanket though. I wouldn't go again without taking chairs.  

Where we were there was this little barge of sticks.

Bryce was proud of Bigby for figuring out how to get on it. 

He's such a good retriever. At the dog park, if someone throws a ball in the fake lake and their dog won't go get it, I can point to it so Bigby see's it and say, "retrieve", and he'll go get it for me. He's so smart. 

Good boy. The work mark can get his attention no matter where we are or what he is doing. When I first started teaching him, "retrieve", he didn't quite get it so I decided to start with, "mark". When I say, "mark", he's supposed to look at me and find what I want him to focus on. He can be all the way across the park playing with other dogs and I can say, "mark", and he automatically stops what he's doing to look at me. It's nice. 

He loves the lake. He takes his ball into the shallow water and like plays with it by holding his ball under the water and dunking his head to get it. Like when I make him retrieve under water. I'm amazed he likes doing that so much. I'm not going to lie, about 3 days out of the month he drives me crazy but most of the time I love him. 


Jen said...

Such a good idea taking him to the river. Now sure why i have never thought of that. We need to take a little adventure there too :)

Jenny Johnson said...

What an adorably cute and fun puppy you have. In response to your post about blogging... I personally feel that blogs are online journals and are meant for honesty and "real" feelings. Not a way to blog about how perfect your life is. I know that my health problems are not as trying as tough as your trials but I do understand that it's hard to put on a happy face to pretend that you're "fine". If people can't handle your honesty then they need to read something else. You were born as you are and you should never be ashamed of that. We all got have our sack of rocks dealt in life and some peoples are extremely more difficult than others. I admire your honesty and courage to speak up and never shy away from being yourself. If that's the outlet you need, use it! I admire you and think you're pretty strong for handling the cards you got dealt.