Sunday, July 10, 2011

Totally awesome beach bag!

I was doing laundry the other day and my beach bag went through the loads. When it was nice and clean. I decided it was time for a new beach bag. See, every year my family goes to California for a week. Every day we pack up lunches, towels, blankets, chairs, etc. and hit the beach all day, every day. So, I wanted a really big beach bag. One that would make it so all I had to carry to the beach was that one bag. So my hunt began.   I finally came across one Here but I didn't like the fabric. So I copied the pictures and sent them to my sewing  genius sister and asked her if she could make it. She said sure and I went fabric shopping that day. 

Here's the totally awesome result! I think I'm swooning. Over a bag.

Lined in the cute patterned fabric. I bought outdoor, thick, cotton fabric rather then just plain fabric so it would be more durable. Especially since it's lined. 

There are 7 pockets on the outside of varying sizes. Couple small ones for keys and cell phone and then some medium and large ones for books and water. 

My 1 liter bottle and my book to give you an idea of size. Dimensions- 22in long by 17 in wide and 12 in wide. Fabric was 48 inches wide I think and I bought two yards of the patterned fabric and 1 1/2 yards of the plain fabric. My sister used just about all of it. Did I mention that I am in love with this bag. 

My husband and I are taking my sisters 2 children with us until they can join us on Wednesday. With this bag I can carry all our towels, our water, our beach blanket, our books, our everything. All in one bag. My sister even padded the straps. And Not shown is a longer strap so that I can carry cross body over the shoulder as well as the 2 short straps. 

Thanks again, my sewing genius sister! I absolutely adore my new, huge beach bag. 


Jen said...

Awesome! I Love It!

sherry said...

Jannalee told me about it and said it is huge! I want to see it in person and check out the pockets. I am feeling a little covetous...

Darci said...

Oh. My. Gosh... You have the David Eddings books?!? Those are my absolute FAVORITE books of all time! I love them, the Belgariad and the Mallorean... Lol, the bag's awesome too, but the book totally made me love and respect you even more than I already do :-)

beach handbag said...

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