Monday, June 2, 2008

Brithday present and new addition to the family

This is now what happens when I sit on the couch. ( I had something stuck in my eye, so I know I look retarded)
My birhtday was April 18th. I'm really slow at uploading pictures, I know. For my birthday my husband allowed me to get a puppy. I found a little female chihuahua in a bad situation and rescued her. I got her from a women who bought her to breed her and found out that puppies actually take work. She practically drop kicked my puppy while I was there. She was beaten alot and I'm pretty sure she didn't eat much. When I brought her home she ate a whole bowl of food and drank a whole bowl of water. I had to take them away from her so she wouldn't make herself sick. Then she went after my Salt and Vinegar chips. Poor thing. We named her Fergie because she's Fergalicious. No, it's just the only name that stuck. It just fit her personality. I've been with my vet for 4 years now and he said when he met Fergie that My Monty and My Fergie are perfect examples of how dogs react to how they're raised. Monty has never once mistrusted my vet or ever whined or howled out of fear of being hurt. He knows very well I won't let anything hurt him. When I took Ferfie to the vet for the first time you'd of thought we were killing her. She had tooth of her teeth missing that she should not have lost yet. We chalked it up to the abuse. I am happy to say that she is slowly but surely learning that from now on she will be spoiled rotten and will never be hurt. She's the sweetest thing and she's very smart. She already knows how to sit, lay and spin around. However, she's still very food anxious so you can't show her the treat or she just freaks out. She's little snuggle but and I love her. She's some how learned to sneak into our bed sometime in the middle of the night. Monty really like her too. Sometimes he hides his toys from her though.

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Scott & Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
Fergie is adorable, i'm glad you saved her.
p.s. i can't believe how tinny your kittens are- so cute!