Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crescent Rolls

Okay so, I tend to think that I am a pretty good cook. I especially really like to bake. Preferably working with doughs. Well, I went to Charlestons the other night with my husband and we of course got some of their fabulous crescent rolls. I thought to myself, " why don't I have a recipe for something like this"? It bothered me and continues to bother me. I can not find a recipe for crescent rolls like that anywhere. I mean Homemade ones totally from scratch of course.

I can make crescent rolls like this anytime anywhere.
But I can't make lighter than air flaky ones like this without a recipe or a hint of some kind.
Can anyone help a sister out? If you or anyone you know has a recipe for crescent rolls like this, I would love to have it?

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