Monday, June 2, 2008

Donuts Babies

So, when we got our cat Donut we called and made an appontment to get her spayed in June. Well, she just so happend, to get pregnant and have kittens before her appointment. She had 3 healthy babies. 2 are black and white and are boys and the third one is all black and she's a girl. I was texting my husband one day and I said " wht do you want to do tonight honey"? He said, " find donuts babies". I got home and donut came to say hi to us and she was Definatly thinner and her tail was definately yucky. We couldn't find the babies anywhere. I called an emergancy clinic and asked if was possible that the mother would eat the babies. Luckily, she said no. She told us to look everywhere because cat's could get into some pretty funny places to have their babies. So, we continued to look and I finally found donut with her babies in my dryer on my nice clean sheets. Needless to say I had to through my sheets away. Anyways, Here are the fruits of my cats labor. We have temporarily named them Dunken. B.C. ( Bosten Cream) and the little girl is Pancake. I'll have to get a good picture of her face because she looks just like an Ewok. They are 3 weeks old now. Anyone want a kitten in about 2 weeks?

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Lisa & Jeron said...

That's totally hilarioius. Props to Dount for going through with natural labor, I caved and used an epidural. :)