Monday, June 9, 2008

The Emma Smith movie

Last Monday for family night me and my in-laws went and saw the new Emma Smith movie. To be honest with you, I was totally disapointed. If you want the Sunday School story of Emma Smith, you'll love it. That, however, was not what I wanted. I didn't want all the stuff about her after Joseph died or even more of the Polygamy thing, I just wanted raw and real. I wanted more of Emma and less of Joseph. I wanted to hear it from Emma and not her daughter. I wanted to see her turn to the lord and not Joseph. I wanted to see her faith in the lord and the gospel and not just in Joseph. I wanted to see her internal torment and questions and thoughts of some of the comandments and things she was dealing with and see her learn and love the Lord and gospel in spite of it all. I didn't get any of that. Anyways, I definately recommend you go see it but personally I was disapointed.

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Jeff and Jenny said...

I've heard mixed reviews about it, sorry it was such a disappointment! Cute new puppy though!!