Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lake trip

My wonderful friend, Josh, has a boat. He had the day off on Thrusday so he invited a few of us, who also had Thursday off, to take a trip to the lake. I went but made it very clear to everyone that they should not prressure me to try to get up on anything. I puke enough as it is. They were all very nice. I swam , chilled on the boat and got lots of pictures.

This is the sweetest shot of the day. Josh.

Mine and Hailee's legs. She's a life guard and has naturally awesome olive skin anyway. Not only do I glow in the dark but my leg is also like 3 times bigger then hers. Still an awesome day.

This is my sister in law, Katie. She rocked it on the wake board.

Hailee and Shelby.

Todd. He's probably my second favorite man in my life. After my husband, of course.
Hailee. She climb up on the tower. So, naturally, I took a picture of her butt.
All the girls and Todd.
All the girls and Josh.

Me and Todd.

Me and Hailee.
And just me.
I had so much fun. I decided to take a spin on the intertube. On the drive home, I got fuzzy headed when I stepped out of the truck and twisted my ankle. It was still totally worth it. I loved it. Thanks Josh!!

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Jen said...

Tell Josh I say "Hi" next time you see him. We use to hang out.
Oh, how i would love to go to the lake! Next summer give me a call :)