Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas stocking project

This year I decided to make the Christiansen side of my family new personalized Christmas Stockings. I looked all over for base stockings to decorate. You know, just plane old stocking to decorate. The size I wanted and quality I wanted was hard to find. None the less cheap cause we're broke. The cheapest I could find was $10. Now they are 6 of us and I didn't want to spend $60 before I even started decorating them. Plus $20 for the stockings of future Christiansen members. So, I decided to make my own. Using my moms stocking as a pattern. I toyed with the idea of felt and didn't like it. Then I thought of flannel and fleece and didn't like that either. So, I was at Target and a new idea popped in my head.


I know. At first I didn't want anyone to know they were towels, but they turned out well enough that I don't care. I found some super soft towels and picked the red and green colors I wanted. I also had to look at the ribbing at the ends of the towels to make sure I could do the names properly.

Each towel cost me $5. They were half off. And I got 2 stockings out of each towel. So, with the 2 future Christiansens in mind I bought 4 towels for a total of $20 and had 8 stockings for $20 instead of $80. Nice right.
I suggest if you do this that you keep the extra material. It can come in handy if you make a mistake and need to cover something up.

I also suggest that you have the decorations for all your stockings laid out before you start gluing or sewing them on. I learned the hard way and made katies twice because the first one I made for her didn't match the rest of the family's.

My family room looked like this for about 3 or 4 days so, be prepared for that. Don't rush the process if you are a perfectionist like me.
Most of the decorations are Ornaments from Hobby lobby that I bought at %50 off. If you do this they have to be light ornaments. If they are heavy they don't work.

The letters, snowflakes and trees and stuff came from the scrapbooking store.
It took me a while to find a package of letter with enough to do all of our names without having to buy more then one package but eventually I did. They are cloth letters even.
Finished products. I have to say that they are much better in person. They did not photograph well.

I put hooks on them and they worked perfect. As you can see here I finished them off by putting off white braided, something, on the middle line on the top of them.

I used a dark olive green because I liked it. My mom hated it though. She said they weren't Christmas green. I've seen stockings that are all kinds of crazy colors nowadays, so if you decide you want to make stockings and then decide you want to make them out of towels, use whatever colors you want. My 6 decorated stockings and 2 undecorated stockings came to a grand total of about $10 each. In my mind that's pretty good. At the urging of my mom and sister, I gave them to my family about 2 weeks before Christmas so, "they could be enjoyed".


Katielou said...

We did enjoy those stockings Callie. You're so creative and kind! "Truth be told" Callie is most known for her creativity, style, baby caring skills, and kindness. :D
Love ya!

Jen said...

Awesome! I seriously Love them. great job!

Brig and Emily Nicoll said...

wow Callie! I am in love with these! I want to make my own now :)

Clint & Alicia McLaws said...

Callie! these are so amazing!!! you're so creative! i love them :)

Dave and Rachel said...

those are fab, it was good to c u at work the other night, miss ya!

Melissa said...

What a fun idea! They turned out great, I'm way impressed.p