Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Share the knowledge

Today is a really bad day. And I've decided not to vent and tell you how I feel. That's a step in the right direction right?

Okay so I was talking, while waxing eyebrows, to my niece a little while ago. I told her that her skin looked good and she started telling me about what she didn't like about it. Then I started to tell her what I knew about skin and what would help her and then I thought, "as much as she may want to my 13 yr old niece is not going to remember nor be able to do anything about this info that I am telling her, but her mom could.", and then I thought, " I wonder if anyone else would care to know this info?", of course they would! I want to know so many things. I figure others probably have the same want and may not have the means. And then I thought of all the things my friends know and have a talent in that I do not but would like to know more about. Then A blog friend of mine said she was going to start doing posts with her photo shoot ideas because several people have asked her about them. That's when I came up with share the knowledge. If there is something you know about that others may not, share it. Whether it be computers, food, health, raising kids, decorating, sewing, whatever, share what you know. I have a lot of random information and I also know quite a bit about skin and hair because it is my job. So, I will share the things I know and hope you will start to share the things you know.

First off, skin and makeup. My niece has oily skin. We were talking about makeup and what to use and not use.

#1 no no for oily skin- liquid foundation. Oily skin is shiny. Liquid foundation will only make this worse. As well, it tends to clog sweat glands. When sweat glands are clogged sweat has no where to go, which means it stays on your face all day long and this can then cause your pores to clog and then lead to break outs. The reason for this is that the liquid part of liquid foundation is usually some kind of petrolium or some such substance. Now, dry skin can take the excessive moisturizers such as petrolium and a little more sweat. Sweat is a natural moisterizer and dry skin isn't normally bothered by sweat.

Even though liquid foundation is a no no, liquid concealer is okay. Concealer is used to cover up pimples. Pimples are caused when the pore is already clogged and therefore the pore can not produce sweat anyways. Which means that concealer on a pimple can not do further damage. Once the pimple is popped and starts to dry out, however, I suggest you stop using the concealer and return to you normal foundation.

I reccomend a powder foundation or a tinted moisterizer. I also suggest using as many natural products as you can afford. It's worth it. Plus if you spend $30-$40 on something natural it'll usually last about 6 months and therefore end up costing the same as an $8-$10 item that lasts one month.

My favorite products for all skin types, problem skin, dry skin, oily skin, literally all skin types is Origins. There moisturizers are awesome. A Perfect world is for dryer skin

And Make a difference is for oily or problematic skin.

My favorite facial cleanser is the bar of soap facial cleanser from origins. The bar is $10 and last me about 12 months. Wash morning and night.

I find that when I use this I don't need an exfoliant but if it doesn't naturally exfoliate for you then you do need an exfoliant. If you don't want to buy one sugar works really well. If you have oily skin or problematic skin use a little salt with sugar or a mask of egg white. One egg white one night a week can do wonders for skin. It naturally exfoiates and tightens skin. Just put it on your skin and let it dry and then rinse it off. If you have dry skin leave a little yolk in the egg white. Ashes also make a nice natural facial mask. Just mix clean ashes with a little water and you have yourself a mask.

And next, lets talk a little about burns. I've learned a little on this subject lately. Blisters.

If you burn yourself and it blisters pop it. Yes, pop it. It can't heal until the liquid is gone. Use a nice sharp needle and hold it in a flame for at least 30 seconds to make sure it's sterile. Pop the blister and push the liquid out. DO NOT REMOVE THE BLISTER SKIN. Leave it on. It works as a protectant. This process should not hurt one bit. Even poking the blister with the needle will not hurt.

Once you have popped the blister and drained the fluid put some neosporin on the burn. I like Neosporin+pain relief the best. It has a nice topical pain reliever as well as a natural cooing affect to ease the heat of the burn.

Finally, cover it with a band aid. I suggust a larger band aid. I also don't recommend that you use the tough strip band aids. They are bad for burns. The skin surrounding a burn becomes sensitive and tough strip band aids are just a little too tough for that skin. It can bruise and do further damage to the skin around the burn. Flexible bandaids are nice because they move with the skin.

At night remove the bandaid and clean the area. Leave it open at night. You can put neosporin on it but do not cover it. This will allow the area to dry out a bit and heal quicker.

*3rd degree burns- usually a 3rd degree burn does not blister. If you or your child gets burned and it does not blister I highly recommend you go to Maricopa Medical Center Burn ED(Emergancy Department). They know on site the extent of the burn and if it is not a 3rd degree or worse they will give you information free of charge. Because my 3rd degree burn blistered it took me 9 days to get the proper care for it. That is bad. So other signs of a 3rd degree burn are, #1) the burn does not hurt and is numb. This happens because 3rd degree burns are a full tissue burn. This means it burns through the nerve ending that cause sensation therefore leading to numbness. Another sign of a 3rd degree burn is the burn site being white and not pink or red. Now it can also be white and a little pink or red around the edges. This is due to the tissue being dead. Neosporin is a HUGE no no for 3rd degree burns. The ingredient that keeps all the bad things out of the wound also keeps everything trying to get out or off a 3rd degree burn on and in the burn which is bad.

Okay, that's all the knowledge I have for today. Please spread the knowledge and share what you know.


Jen said...

I'm sorry you are having a bad day. I'm feeling horribly bloated at the moment so today stinks too. Ha ha!
Thanks for all the info.
& I TOTALLY LOVE your necklaces-so sexy!

Megan said...

Good for you for sharing what you know. I need to be better at doing that. Ditto on the oily skin + liquid foundation- once I tried powder I NEVER could go back to liquid with my skin. Also good to know about burns- I remembered that second degree burns blistered but I didn't remember about third degree burns not hurting.

Jenny Johnson said...

I love Origins too! One of my personal favs!